Topic: I can't do anything with plant type turnips.  (Read 433 times)


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i can eat food type but i can't do anything with plant type. when i examine plant type it says it is edible but i can't eat them.


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You need to use your agriculture skill to thresh a Plant object in order to produce Food objects.


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If you "pick" as in "pick up" turnips you get edible turnip under the food category

If you use agriculture to "harvest" you get turnip under the plant category

The plant category needs to be threshed. IIRC this produces food type turnips and turnip seeds.

Seeds can then be planted on prepared soil, which can be made on on unfrozen ground by having a small fire burn out to leave the ash mark of "burned out fire"

edit: doh, that is unfrozen ground
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You can't prepare the soil if the ground is frozen, so I assume Brygun meant "unfrozen" soil.


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doh fixed