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One relevant point of information is how does [optional] affect recipes outside of cookery? In cookery having the optional items present adds nutrition or medical values. Does having an optional item give you a boost? If there is no boost is there even a point in worrying about it?

Wiki modding information:

This parameter describes ingredients that may or may not be used when crafting the item. Most commonly used in cooking recipes, where ingredients may be optionally used that increase the nutritiousness of the produced dish.  In the below example, the seasoning doesn't have to be included in the mix, but will add its nutrition if it is.


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{Axe} [optional]


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 Though (I believe) the parameter [optional] was intended for cooking to allow some flexibility in preprogramed food menus.
The parameter is supported in the Diy_ environment.

I've used it to create complex/specific name patterns for multiphase projects like in "Leaving your Mark on the world"

This was something I used before I made the Massive Menu mod which created so much menu space, but it does allow for different
products names to be made from one common task.

Without [noquality] the task below could be boosted with a fine axe, but could be dragged down by rough axe, while using no axe may boost the most.

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{Axe} [optional]
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