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Cord doesnt count as * cord

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Im missing something I hope another modder can quickly point out.

Due to the variety of materials in the  mods now I am trying to avoid use the recipe call for {Cord} and instead use {* cord}. This is to allow primitive low grade things like split spruce twigs to be used for hanging meats but not where quality solutions like are needed, like a bow string or structual cord.

Likewise {* rope} would be a very strong and  long with its own abilities like leashing animals.

{Tying equipment} is what I hope would allow any including those primitive items.

The attempted cord is freshly made vanilla cord made from leather.

I seem to be missing something in my understanding though.

The full recipe in question in the screen shot it:

.Caulked barrel. "Wooden tub" [effort:2] [phys:arms] *CARPENTRY*    /240/ /30/ %15%
{Board} (8) [remove]
{* cord} (4) [remove] '+as banding'
{Caulking} #4# [remove] '+caulk seams'
{* pot} (1) [ground] '+to hold hot caulking'
{Fire}      '+to soften pitch'
{Firewood} (4) [remove] [ground] '+to sustain fire'
{Axe} <Carving axe> '+for main shaping'
{Knife} <Small knife> '+for fine whittling'



{* cord} doesn't work


{*cord} does


Out thy vile space, begone thine empty placeholder

 Sorry for not having read your code to answer my own question(s). When you make your alternate tying stuff is it cord or rope in the back side?
Anyway, with ingredients it's all about the text matches.

{* cord} is not {Cord} while {*cord} does equal {Cord}
The ingame item is "Cord"

P.S You may have the same issue with the pot in your recipe unless you made your own pot {* pot} will not equal {Pot}

That doesn't explain why I've had cords not usable as tying equipment... both the vanilla Cord and some "birch-bark cord".

It does make sense that the space blocks simple cords, but it should work for "XYZ cord", right?


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