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Juha the Islander passed his first winter on the south-west coast near Driik, and when the spring came, he decided to head back up north to purchase another dog from the same village he bought one on his first trip north. On his way, he found a shelter, finding it curious as he had no recollection building one at that place. Upon investigating the camp site closer, he found four human bones and one glutton bone, right next to each other in front of the shelter. Who had died here and what had happened to him? He shrugged his shoulders, and fed the bones to his dog - their previous owner certainly had no use for them any more.

From a player pov, I'm curious: does the game generate these sorts of instances randomly, or where did that shelter or those bones come from? Do NPC's have independent life of their own, so some NPC could have built the shelter site? I have no active quests that could've generated that site, and don't remember building a shelter there, much less killing someone during my first trip up north (and completely sure about not killing any gluttons), so it's a bit unlikely that they'd be left over from my first trip (and do carcasses even leave bones unless you butcher them?).


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It might be a wounded adventurer quest generation where the adventurer didn't make it. If that's the case there should be a quest item around. Since bones come in lots of 4, a single glutton bone is somewhat odd, and indicates someone either brought it there or somehow used up the other 3 bones.

And yes, carcasses left to themselves leave bones behind. Elks and other animals that drown due to weak ice decay into a stack of bones over time.


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There weren't any quest items around, just the bones and some spruce twigs. Oh well, it's probably just something I have completely forgotten about - maybe some Njerpez did ambush me during my trip north, and I left him to rot there and that's were the human bones came from - the glutton bone is a bit of a mystery, still, but the the real explanation is probably rather less interesting than the conjecture. But makes a nice mystery story, A Case of the Five Bones...
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I don't think there are random shelters in the wild, did it had an icon?
As for the bones, Humans and animals get killed all the time out of your line of sight and they rot and leave bones.


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I'm not sure if it had an icon, I had been walking quite a while without looking at the area map when I suddenly came across it. It's probably left over from something I had done myself, although the camp site was very unusual for me (I ike to build near water sources), and utterly forgotten about, but I think I'll make up a story in my mind of some untold tragedy...

And now that I know carcasses eventually rot away and leave bones, I finally have a use for those Njerpez corpses littering the landscape around my settlement - I will start collecting them and dumping them somewhere where I can find them again and leave them to rot to the bone, and then I'll feed the bones to my dogs...


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I bring Njerps and robbers up to the overland map, drop them there, and then collect the bones when the environment has cleaned them. The bones are then deposited onto a rock in the rapids (where it can't be reached by dogs). My grisly trophy pile is getting fairly large...
I originally tried to mark the border of my territory with the bones, but then the dog ate them...


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The game start for abandoned camp site can have various things

A glutton bone is a tool
and spruce twigs are wood

Could have been a bad die roll for stuff.

Is somewhat of a mystery, but hey, that's cool