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But that villager died

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Our beloved journal character Novrus went to the nearest village to equip and hire an long term companion.

He was told it wasn't possible until the previous hire returned. That being Nilla.

Nilla who died to a bear.

This appears to be a logic block.

I get it there could be bad feelings over a dead villager. I did gift them half the bear's meat and returned the 110+ elk cuts Nill had, plus Nilla's knife and axe.

We need and/or is there a way to resolve the villages feelings? 'Cause it not like a bring a corpse back especially when I gave him a funeral pyre.

Perhaps the quest system can be used to rectify the situation.

Time will heal the wounds.. erm ill feelings

@Privateer : Does it? My experience is that once a hireling has killed another by shooting him in the back during a robber fight there will not be any more hirelings from that village (unless the cool down is in the order of 10 years, as I don't think my character is that old yet).

Don't ever hire anyone with a missile weapon if there is even a remote risk of fighting, as fights will typically result in arrows in the back of someone (e.g. your character) who isn't an enemy. I'm not even sure missile equipped hirelings have dealt more damage to enemies than to allies.

Maybe I don't remember correctly when this discussion took place;

--- Quote ---Version: 3.18 (stable)
Released: 27-Feb-2014

- added: villagers are unwilling to join you if the companions you hire go missing

--- End quote ---

As I recall it was supposed to wane with time. I also seem to remember that there is a file which could be zeroed or removed
to encourage forgetfulness.


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