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Spiky fences would be perfect for home defence. They could serve as traps as well (unwitting animals impale themselves on the fence while trying to climb over)?

The crafting could just be the usual 6 stakes + a cutting tool + typing equipment (for balancing). It would also take longer to build.

In order to access the other side of a spiky fence, you need to build a fence gate onto an existing fence. This gate can be opened and closed like a door.

Bears can still break through, so it isn't impenetrable.


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Yes, either this or double height for fence or something else about fences to prevent lynx and njerpez to go into my house.

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I must say, fence gates would be nice....


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You play minecraft, huh? :)


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The crafting could just be the usual 6 stakes + a cutting tool + typing equipment (for balancing).

Typewriters are too advanced for early iron age Finland. :P

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Building Finnish typewriter requires 26 rocks (keys), 26 cords, 26 stakes, 4 boards and a slender tree trunk.  Small knife preferred.  Birch bark lace can be use for paper, ink is made from pitch glue + charcoal

Now you can print up your anti-Njerpez manifesto and distribute to the townspeople!


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I think I'll just grab a feather, make a quill, and do it all long hand on the backs of hides.

But, first, my character will have to learn to read and then teach everyone else.

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To keep unwanted things out of my stuff, I just build a rock wall around my settlement. It takes 4 hours for each tile. I have a lot of down time, though, since I've already razed eight Njerpez settlements with the character I'm running now and have more stuff than I could ever hope to use. That'll teach that lone warrior who killed my little dog who was only protecting me!

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.Big Rock.  "Barrier Fence" [effort:3] [phys:stance,one-armed] *BUILDING* /4h/ |+2|
{Stone} (10) [remove][ground]
{Rock} (20) [remove][ground] '+for chinking'
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All right to put .Big Rock. in the BAC mod?


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