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« on: November 27, 2018, 07:09:31 PM »
I went Njerpez hunting with my dog leashed.
Found one and chased him shooting till he went unconscious.
Closed in to deal the final blow. My dog went over him attacking.
I attacked the tile where both were and the "final blow" menu displayed (only displayed for unconscious targets) and I thought it was targeting the njerpez. I selected point neck with my hunting knife and it ended up targeting the neck of the dog which was conscious.

Supposing it could be that I was targeting the njerpez and I just failed and hit the dog but it's suspicious that I hit the same targeted body part. In any case, if this is not a bug, there should be a target menu selection, even if there's a chance for you to fail and hit the other creature.


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 Multiple NPCs on one tile does create this problem. Multi-occupancy was implemented, if I recall, partly as a deterrent for blocking a doorway and NPCs queuing up to be slaughtered.
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Also check that it really did say you targeting the njerp. With the dog leased it it could have targeted it for butchering the menus are very similar, I'm guilty of killing a leashed animals by accident that way

Tom H

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Worst is when your target is north of a tree and you can't actually see him because the view is blocked by the tree. I've actually killed one of my dogs in that scenario. The Njerp was prone and the dog apparently was on top of him.

Since then, When the bad guy is down I try to corral my dogs and tie them to a tree before I go in to finish it.

Another time I used the arrow function to target and chose the wrong arrow key. I absolutely floored my leashed bull!

I don't really think this is a bug. Seems more like confusion in battle.