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Hi evryone , im purplemate i started playing urw about 6 months ago , i read alot of people talking about killing villages not knowing how , even saw someone say kids are invincible lol. My plan with my game is to kill evry1 so the no mans land is mine. My character is on his third winter and is now 19 , i whipped out like 1/3 of the map i own over 50 cows 50 bigs 20 dogs like 10 reindeers 20 sheeps and growing.heres how i do it

Im 100 in axes , i dont even need to dodge i just counter attack , full armor and gear which makes me invincibles to most attacks , i bring about 4 dogs , 4 to 8 compagnions that i give weapons to and kill after we raided like 3 or 4 villages.

Very important if the village has dogs or animals , domt try to leash them after killing the villagers , sometimes they get aggressive so u can leg shot them to make them flee and capture them but sometimes it doesnt work or your compagnion kills them.. one village the dogs wouldnt even let me leash them and were aggressive anyway.. wasted lots of dogs in the process of learning that..

After evryone is dead i used to give viking burials by fire but got bored fast now i just leave the poor souls to rot =/
I look for furs weapons and good pieces of clothings , which are rare and most of the clothes villagers have are left there on them or brought back home to make rope or to trade for animals , my compagnions are killing in front on the warehouse where i stock the whole worlds weapons and then fed to the dogs.

This is how you do it enjoy


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Traps around a village work too, especially in villages with walls around village and villages on coast where we don't have to place so much traps.