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Novrus made ready for a fight though he had to restrain himself from the fatigue weighing on him. That is when he spotted a sixth wolf. It wsa in fact one of the what he thought was the first four as it was stuck in the glutton trap with one of arrows already in it.

Using a cluster of trees to guard his back Novrus stepped forward, struck the trapped wolf then stepped back into the guarded position. This way he was minimizing the chance of the mobile wolf pouncing on him. Once it was slain he carried by the pens when Hyker began his alarm barks. Novrus would not ignore it this time!

The three-trunk trapped that had been reset was collapsed again. It pinned the wolf wounded by two arrows. Dispatching it Novrus truly hoped with was the last of the wolves. It was a hope not possible to affirm as he would not go seeking any remaining wolves. All told the six wolf siege had gone on roughly three days.

Getting back to chores involved hide work, smoking meats, building wolf traps and bandaging wounds. On a latter day the homestead was caught up so he went to patrol the trap pits. One had a small elk, both a boon and a chore.

Another pit trap was collapsed. Looking down inside a rotting wolf corpse lay there. So it had been seven wolves. This corpse is burned in the ceremonial grove with wood and spruce for a smoky fire. After the traps were all checked and rebaited Novrus nearing the end of healing made for Flower Wild.

He was given many greetings. He had brought over a hundred pounds of fresh elk for them to cook as they chose. A third he gave freely to various persons such as the shaman who placed poultices on his wounds. The rest of the elk meat brought was used to trade for arrows. This would spare him one chore in recovering from the wolf siege.

Finally getting through the hidework chores Norvus forged the carving axe head. Its shape and edge seemed proper. The hafting though didn’t come out with the right balance nor control. He decided to rehaft the axehead. For that he would need new birch. At least the current carving axe mounting could assist in shaping the new handles.

At least with his wounds being shallow, though numerous, he was almost fully recovered. The scarring was light. The sorts a lover would ask about when cuddling close. It took until noon the next day for the third re-hafting to come out with the right balance and flow.

<Novrus new carving axe 2>


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Upon finishing the carving axe Novrus decided to take the rest of the day off for fun. He leashed Hyker to come with him out of the pen. They could go ice fishing and short walks.

Hyker was still limping from a hind leg wolf bite. Novrus fed him extra meat from his own pack before brushing his wounds with clean snow and washing with water.

Hyker nipped back at first as the touches from the still new master stung. Hyker settled down once he realized it was a caring touch. Novrus tied on a bandage about the leg for support. Hyker didn’t seem to like the restriction. Novrus kept coaxing the muzzle away from pulling off the bandage.

“Easy Hyker. This is just for a short time. You want to go for a walk out of the pan don’t you?”

Novrus realized he hadn’t taken Hyker out of the homsestead’s immediate area yet. When they had gotten here there were over due chores then the miserable wolf siege then new chores and the new axe. They would go at a slow pace for the sake of Hyker’s wound and for orientation.

They visited the nearest pit trap. Hyker sniffed all over the old tracks of the wolf pack. Apparently they had rested here before encountering the homestead.

Next was an honor tree with a bear skull mounted in it. Novrus left a bear meat cut on a low branch. Hyker tried to eat it but Novrus pulled back on the leash. As they went on Hyker kept looking back as if to ask why we were leaving good food behind.

The slept over night at the field shelter. In the morning Novrus setup a big dead fall trap of the size to pin a wolf. A freshly caught grouse would give meat for the bait. They then went on checking the other pit traps to discover the far west-north-west had caught a reindeer. After the butchering Novrus put a whole leg of the reindeer and extra bones in the herd pen for Hyker to enjoy. The extra diet would do the dog well for its wound recovery.

<Novrus had fun 1>


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Day 2 of the 11th week to midsummer point

The snows are now too thin to ski on. Soon the lake ice will be too dangerous for ice fishing. It would be a bit of time after that before the canoe can be taken out of the high rafters and go back in the water.

The main chores now are to work up the half barn for the animals then expand the fence to match. With the ground not thawed its not ideal for construction but this is the barn not the ‘manor’ house. The concern is the health of the animals.

The sheep with their wool are holding up well. Hyker’s limp is gone but the wound under the bandage is still significant. Novrus had taken Hyker out with him during a spell of ice fishing. The dog is proving a good companion for human and sheep alike.

After that will be planting seeds followed by making more ash-turned patches. During winter visits Novrus had picked out two good spots for new gardens. Firewood was starting to be collected there for the burns.

The next morning Novrus felt a difference in the air. Looking out the window the white was no longer consistent. Browns and greens of plants showed in patches among pockets of white. The overnight rain had melted the snows. Creeks, rivers and lakes would gain in height. Novrus hoped his home was far enough from the shore and these seemed likely. Definitely ice fishing was out.

He removed some of his layers of furs and armors. Sweat would come easily enough with the chores to be done.

Day 6 of the 11th week to midsummer point

Novrus grinned into a wide smile as the first sheep scouted out the half-barn. It had L shape log walls to block half the wind and baffle the other side. The floor and roof where narrow but this could be extended later. Novrus had decided the straight walls should have shutters. This would let him look in on the animals and allow air flow when wanted.

He coughed in a laugh. Now if only he had remembered that the sun was to the south which this half barn opened too. If had built it the other way they would have shade in the summer. Though perhaps this wasn’t all bad as this way winter winds were interrupted while they could still sit in the sun’s warmth.

<Novrus half barn stage 1>

(Kudos to Privateer who once asked if others thought of building a half barn. Its a good idea.)


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It was a happy afternoon seeding all the main field patches. One of the two by the homestead was planted as well. Rye, barley, broad beans and hemp all with no fear of an earlier winter wiping the out. The other patch by the homestead was being saved for sorrel for which it was too early to plant. His field making chores now was to turn over two patches for turnips and perhaps a bit more sorrel. He felt a proud joy in his work. He recalled the strain, fatigue, exhaustion and starvation of last year. This year it was just a stroll to seed those same fields. He couldn’t help but hum a familiar tune.

Peaceful days past expanding the fields. His self forged metal bladed shovel was much better at cutting the turf. The wooden shovel might get stopped by clumps of roots but the metal one was quickly through.

It went so well Novrus added barley and hemp into the new fields. A section of turnips was planted but it was still too soon to plant sorrel.

 Hyker’s wounds healed though he always kept a little off the once-wolf-savaged leg. Working alone in the fields Novrus felt the sheep herd was safe with Hyker. At times he took Hyker out with him like when doing maintenance on the trap pits.

With the previous fields planted and two new ones awaiting sorrel season it was time to think of other things. Such is the investment that agriculture brings.

<Novrus thinking in 2nd spring>


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Day 2 of the 9th week to midsummer

Roughly a month had gone since the spring equinox. Novrus was preparing so search for ore. Perhaps he had been too hasty about the cliff to the south. Is not a cliff a broken mountain? He would search the bogs there.

 He would be gone for perhaps a week relying on Hyker and the wolf scaled traps around the pen. 

Rains would add to the tubs, one a proper plank made tub the other one of his earlier hollowed out stumps. These he shifted near the half barn where the roof’s run off would add to them being rain catchers. He drove stakes in around them as a precaution from the animals tipping them over.

Meats for Hyker were laid out in the pen for Hyker including a fresh capercaille bird catch. Fresh spruce and hay from last winter’s threshing were put out for the sheep.

For himself Novrus cut the elk leather to make a summer cuirass. The Red foe’s lamellar cuirass was in horrible shape from the wolf siege. Later he might use it as a guideline for making a fresh one. He was wearing the spectacle helm bought to the south, a mail coif and a fur cap for padding. He wore clothes and furs though not the extra winter layers.

A sacrifice to the spirits was made for the safety of the home stead.

With his metal bladed shovel he planned to march off through the muddy spring in search of ore.

<Novrus Ready to seek ore>

Ran out of time to test the new "cliff" ore code today.

Also if anyone knows about the "lake ore" from Bouidda please pass on information in a modding question threat at:


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Rains poured down. Streaks of rivelets flowing along leathers like the cuirass and boots while dampness mad the furs heavier. Searching for the cliff sighted almost a year ago was proving problematic. It is no small wonder he found another lost soul.

He gave his name as Neko. Novrus felt that this fellow may have also fallen into disfavor with wood spirit. Though it is also true men can get lost on their own. Flower Wild would certainly welcome Neko but a village south is closer.

On their journey they found a reindeer herd. As evasive as ever they did manage to corner on the mire one of the younglings. An adult doe Novrus caught in a leg but she escaped with the others. The calf’s meat they roasted and split between them. Neko would no have something to barter with in the village.

Pettru’s rapids was where they came to. Neko embraced Novrus in a brotherly hug.

“Thank you, my curse is lifted,” said Neko, “I was better fisherman when I was younger. Let me tell you a few of my tricks.”

Neko coached Novrus on fishing. Things like which fish liked to swim at what depths. This to meant what bait to use at what spacing between hook and float.

Novrus traded most of his share of roasted reindeer for arrows, a few more than he had just lost on the mire. He still had the skin but they didn’t want it until it had been tanned.

Going northward Novrus remembered the cliff was by the water. The slush season may well mean he can’t cross necessary rivers to get to it. He walked a little wider when he spotted an inland cliff new to him.

Climbing up he had a good look. The cliff’s rocks did indeed carry rust red rocks. There were bands of color showing those with more and those with less iron. Rain action would carry traces of the iron to the mire below.

Searching the mire it wasn’t long before a slick of rainbow color was spotted. Below that would and indeed was a lump of bog ore. AT last the smith of the north had a source of iron.

Novrus slept at this inland cliff. The next morning he made a decent shelter and a pair of guard traps which he disarmed until he would come back. Wishing to respect the reindeer hide he decided to make for home but only after gathering several bog ores.

Again he varied his path. This time he did find the cliff he had first sought. On a river bank indeed yet on the same land masses as the homestead. It was much closer to the homestead than he thought. His outward search hadn’t started until well past it. He made sure to mark it in his memory this time.

Returning home he changed the water for the animals, finished tanning the reindeer calf’s hide and slept in his warm sauna-smoker house.

A merry stroll for the trap pits then happily off to get more ore…

When a wild red foe appeared.

<Novrus red foe in woods>


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Scowling the red foe held a mace up high. He swore curses as Novrus readied his round shield in pair with Bear-Biter.

Courage was quickly weighed. Red foe ran! Novrus chased but couldn’t gain on him. The running trail vanished in the woods. Perhaps the Red Foe had called on his own spirits to help him. Perhaps he had taken to traveling like a squirrel jumping form tree to tree.

Novrus didn’t attempt pursuit. Rather he went about the chore of bringing in ore chunks. The two cliff sites were both visited. The bits of ore were slowly gathering. Sometimes he slept near a cliff other times at home.

On a trip back Novrus sighted a red foe. He guessed it might be the mace wielder. Novrus closed in. This one was a chieftain in metal armor! Novrus certainly guessed wrong!

Had the mace wielder escaped to direct this chief on a hunt?

<Novrus Red foe 2nd chief>


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Curses and roars are exchanged. The red foe chief in his iron helm and lamellar armor contesting with Novrus in a spectacle helm and leather cuirass. Neither will yield nor flee.

Novrus tosses the spear he had readied for the mace wielder. Red chief dashes to the side making for trees. Novrus bolts at a hard run for his spear. The Red chief emerges expecting to have closed on Novrus. Instead Red chief must charge anew.

Novrus hurls the spear a second time. This time it digs into the left knee of the Red chief. He stumbles, tripping on the spear that still protrudes form his knee.

Novrus heaves up a large stone near his feet. As the two close Red chief gets the spear free. Before he can throw Novrus bounces the near twenty pound stone off the Red chief’s chest.

As they close Novrus takes out his smith’s hammer. Its percussive form should make that metal armor sing. The blows exchange with the hammer hooking away the spear. Red chief draws his scimitar. In a twirl of motion it is now the hammer that spins out of the hand.

Shield and scimitar hook and pull. Red chief gets up on his good knee as both slip from grips. Novrus twirls out Bear-Biter giving a cut on Red chief’s right hand.

Arcing round Novrus brings Bear-Biter backwards to blunt bash the Nerjpez. He seems aware of his plight now. Blood staining his lips the Red chief tries to drag his away. Novrus won’t allow it.

Blades cross with Bear-Biter now being grounded. As Novrus recovers it a cut is made across his left hip. Now it is Novrus who backs away.

Backs away to switch to the Gruelfen chosen laminated bow. A broadhead arrow darts out into Red chief’s abdomen. He clutches the penetrated cut for a moment before passing out. Taking out his self made broad-knife Novrus kneels down to open the Red chief’s neck.

Novrus must sleep nearby to have time to do proper funeral rites. Two trees, the body on top those with spruce covering all and to make smoke.

That done Novrus returns to find elk fresh tracks right by the door of the sauna-smoker! He gathers Hyker for a chase hunt. Yet the dog won’t be needed the the elk blundered into the three-trunk bear trap.

It took into the next day to process the elk. Now the sorrel, flavoring plant, was planted in the remaining turned over soils.

Day 5 of the 8th week to midsummer point, Late Seedtime

Novrus set the stacks of collected ore billets to roast. The fire being the first step in drying and purging the ore toward iron.

He still had half of the charcoal from the early winter burns. That precious commodity was of great value in later steps. Purged of moisture and interfering compounds at a loss of more fuel what remained gave a purified denser burn. In the small place around the ore and metal that denser burn meant a higher heat. It is high heats that work iron, not the cool heat of a campfire or woodstack burn. Bellows drove the heat even higher for greater purity from ore and smoother workmanship of the refined iron.

He decides while the ore roast is going to spend an day or two adding another crop patch. The patch was only partly developed but as this was a time without rushed panic that would do. Sorrel and turnips were bound for this spot.

The elk’s hide came out poorly. So for now Novrus carried at as a form of rain cover. Simply draped over himself to shed the spring rains. Else he would lay it down as a mobile sleeping mat. Later he decided just to leave it in the smithy as that sleeping mat.

A sleeping mat to be put to much use. A week of blooming the roasted iron ore now awaited. The bloomery’s nearly tight air tight space trapping heat. That heat from a cluster of charcoal. Bellows pumped to power the burning. A heat so hot the ore would glow. A benefit to a half-house smithy is it let escaped heat float away while keeping the rain off. The sleeping fur made it much more comfortable to lay down between hot exhausting sessions.

Watching the water flow off the smithy’s roof Novrus realized only the sauna-smoker roof had a rain barrel catching water. Both the half-barn and half-smithy could also catch water. Certainly the herd, small as it was, was increasing the water needs. The smithy going into a burst production also needed regular water. Both were drawing form the existing rain barrel and the lake. It would be a worthy endeavors to outfit the half buildings with their own barrel. Before making the half-barn’s barrel he should extend the roof as that is where the gutters hang. Furthermore, the roof area  determines how much rain per rainfall is caught.

(Note: game wise the bloomery is outside otherwise you would be setting the smithy on fire)

<Norvus spring 2 barrel thoughts>


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The pause in journal writing is temporary.

1) I took on a real life quest to restore old computers to give to low income families at my drop in to have their own home computers. I managed to restore seven (7) with one already taken home in time for christmas. The others will be picked up as people come in probably post christmas

2) I got inspired to work on my/our mod especially with a complicated massive water craft overall

3) other mod work related to a new path to make the rain catcher barrel for the half-barn to RP having more water for the sheep

Novrus's trek will resume soon....


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Novrus set about making caulking by mixing pitch glue with finely drawn plant material. This in turn was used to seal well fitted boards to make a barrel. Cords tied around were tightened with a tourniquet style knot and stick. Twisted tight this held the upright staves close while the caulking cooled.

To make this rain catcher he set the barrel by the corner of the half-barn. Slender tree trunks were split then hollowed to make cutters. A knife made peg holes into the half-barn. These pegs in turn fitted into the gutters. Water would flow down the roof, hit a gutter and flow to pour out into the barrel.

With this second roof area catching water Novrus was confident his water supply would keep up with the increased demand.

<Novrus spring 2 made barrel>


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Day 3 of the 6th day to midsummer

With the extended water supply Novrus found it much easier to restock water for the animals. Later he might make some casks to put out as water but the existing containers held a few days, plus whatever the got from rain into the open topped containers. It had been a few days since he checked on the traps so it was time to go again.

The distant trap held an elk. This meant a great take of food, hide and likely trade as he had great stocks of his own already. Novrus still felt he should smoke around forty pounds just be sure for himself. The rest he cooked to prepare for traveling. During the cooking he noticed a strange  odour. Novrus sniffed it out as berries from last fall having gone rotten inside their containers. Those were dumped then the pot and amphora washed. It was also time to bring down his birch-bark punt from the rafters.

The other pit traps were checked as was the fields. Then he took his punt southward to trade the elk meat and get news. Taking a more westward path for paddling and portage he regretted not having his dip net. These new lakes could well have ores. In fact he was sure he had seen the right colored stones more than once.

To simplify the journey at night he trimmed up four shafts of wood. These the stuck into the ground as a pair of X. Notches in each caught on the similar notch of the other. Onto these he braced one end of the punt. The punt itself forming the roof of this quick lean to. After all if the punt can keep a lake out it can also keep off rain!

The next morning he arrived at Spruce Passage stead. There the maiden Elina accepted 90 cuts of the elk for linen trousers. She had made them over the winter for trade or a kinfolk. Trade had shown up first.

Inside a Kota Novrus took off the nettle trousers he had left home with. They had patches and battle cuts in them. The linen trousers felt much smoother. A collection of arrows completed the trading of the elk meat so Novrus set off back to the homestead.

<Novrus got linen trousers>


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Returning home was a quick and uneventful trip. Storing his old pants and the new arrows he set about chores. The mound of branches that came through the winter were bundled using a few branches as wrappers. Spruce mats were woven for the sauna-steamer house and for the half-barn. Two logs were prepared for the main house. Smoked elk was found to be done and stored in the cellar. These routine days were the success won by hard work last year establishing the settlement.

Novrus had used all the pitch glue he had to make caulking and ended up needing it all. His next short adventure was to make more. This time he gathered pine tar, melted it over a buried pot, mixed in a bit of charcoal for a binder and got a decent pitch glue.

Then he set about shaping a pair of elk antlers to fit together to become a horn. It took hours of whittling to get a good fit. The glue was squeezed in the seams as the two were finally fitted together. A cord was turned around the front and back with the length in between becoming the carrying the strap.

Finally giving it a blow the horn made a sound. Not quite the sound of the old village horns. He could fluctuate it a little with his own sounds. The carry through of the horn wasn’t quite tuned. At least it meant his horn had a unique sound. Henceforth he would train the dogs to come to its call.

<Novrus made horn>


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Feeling proud about his home Novrus made two benches and a table for outdoors. He could put them where needed for tasks underway. Normally the benches would be on the south side of the sauna shelter where before he had rolled a felled tree. The table for now would be by the sauna-smoker’s rain catching barrel. He used that water a lot for preserving hides so the work surface would be handy even if just to set things on.

He set another bench at his favorite lakeside fishing spot. Of course what was really needed was to build the main house but that was a long way from completion.

<Norvus made outdoor furniture>


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Continuing on. Updating to BAC v059 at this point as well with its numerous price corrections.


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<Novrus to BAC v059>

Day 3 of the 5th week to midsummer, Fallow Month

Many thoughts had gone through Novrus’s mind. There are many possible things for the years ahead. The stead was started with much more to do.

A fuzzy memory of dreams reminded him that no home was complete without salt. Salt to preserve food was common though it had uses in taste. With it being fallow month was it time to travel or wait?

A tour of the building revealing the simply first year design. Three broad double strides of hallway on the north and the same on the south. Small means easy to heat.

The north held the bunk under which was stacked various trophies. On top was furs for warmth above, below and for a pillow. Clothes and weapons hung on pegs. There was a cooking space with the cooking pot and ready stores of flour and spices. By the space of the door stuck in the rafters is his skiing equipment. In time these would be moved to the main house to use this as a separate sauna.

On the south hall there was the stores of meats smoking, sealed pots of flour and a great stack of raw materials. Materials include wood for the double facing fireplace plus various bits of leather, cut outs from clothing and such things.

Outside the pen with its half barn gave a safe grazing space to two sheep, the little ram and his dog Hyker. If he was to go far to get salt he might leave Hyker here to guard the sheep. Should he leave him outside the pen or inside?

He has his half-house style smithy with its open venting to let out the great deal of heat that is made. Decently stocked with tools though one can always use more iron, steel and charcoal.

Logs outlined the start of where the main house would go.

Nearby the cellar in the original sheltering nook held a great quantity of foods.

In the ritual clearing he burns leaves to give thanks. Blowing on his elk horn to commune with the spirits.

By the lake he checks on his birch-bark punt. Its not as grand or sturdy as one of wood planks yet it could make a great journey, as it has before. Elk hair was soaking dehairing with a week or so to finish processing it.

Perhaps he would stay until the elk hide is finished.

Touring his fields to the north the stalks were starting to rise.

Coming home found him realizing there was iron blooms that could be worked on. Something to do while awaiting the elk hide preparation.

 Before starting another though came to mind. The fence lines with their pit traps were still set. Catching more game when he had such surpluses was unnecessary. Processing more animals would delay his salt trip even longer. Thus he went to trigger the traps to no longer be likely to catch game. To have such a surplus as to do that brought a smile to his lips.

With all those checked and in order he set about working. Many hours over several days pounding the blooms into usable iron billets.

Day 5 of the week 5th week to midsummer

Working the blooms into iron billets is complete. A tiring series of days. On an afternoon stroll a Nerjpez is spotted in the distance to the south east.

<Novrus Nerj 2019-08-29>

Deciding to scout or engage the lone red cap Novrus heads to the stead. There he gathers Hyker, feeds Hyker and puts on a lamellar hauberk. A check of weapons and gear finds him very well equipped for a fight. Four washed bandages will be handy in case of the very likely wounds.

The search finds traders! The red cap appears to be stalking them!

Novrus warns them. The one he speaks to has a broadsword and mace to trade but no salt. Well one can check. Its safer to rest together. Rain wakes him to resume the patrol.

The red cap had gone off to the east trapped by the lake shoreline there. Peering from behind trees this is a warrior with an axe, shield and a beefy knife. Though clothed he lacks metal armor. Novrus definitely has an advantage in equipment.

Hyker is tugging for his meal. The commotion of feeding alerts the red cap. Two arrows in close quarters, the rush of adrenaline in close fighting and then the red cap is running. Unleashing Hyker it is Hyker who finishes the red cap. The man was lightly wounded at best. Seems Hyker took his giblets off. It was all so calmly fought. Niether Novrus nor Hyker received any wounds.

A nearby fallen tree is set up for a burning pyre. It won’t be enough to destroy the whole body. The great smoke will hopefully speed the spirit of the slain on his journey.

On return Novrus looks over the belongings. The extra woodsman axe can go among the trade goods. The roundshield is a nice spare to have in the house. The clothes have tears and wear so into the resource pile they go.

Was he here on a quest? Searching for other lost red cap? Separated from other bands? A story that remains unknown. It does seem to Novrus that traveling as much as he could among the rivers northward perhaps they are just doing that too. Then naturally they would stumble near his stead from time to time even if it is well hidden.

<Novrus thinks of traffic>