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With days to go its time for wood crafts. A rain barrel water catcher for the half-barn.

Day 2 of the 4th week to Midsummer

The half barn already has a water barrel so its to the smithy the next will go. Changes to the structure will be needed to divert the gutters on the walls just right. A barrel is placed at the edge of the smithy. Rain pleasantly falls on his face. That makes three rain collectors when you add in the one on the sauna.

Day 6 of the 4th week to Midsummer

Preparations are complete. Chores are in order. Trade goods are gathered.

<Novrus prep for trip2>

Its several days along the rivers. A new shelter here and reusing another. Then came the great lake. A mouth wider than he could see across.

The rivers flowed south east into it. Paddling that direction saw no land into the night. A shaky night on the canoe. Nervousness mixes with moisture on his face.

Turning east he finds a rocky coast knowing that his is Nerjpez lands. The red caps live here. War isn’t his goal. Off a peninsula on a outcrop of rock on the river he assembles a shelter. Desperately needed is a good sleep. It may prove useful on raids in later years.

Sailing off westward takes a full day of paddling to reach the opposite shore. Novrus has been here before. Steering to a remembered community he visits the Reemi of Whirlbottom.

There are good trades there and at a stead nearby to lighten the load. Whirlbottom is having trouble with a bird thief but to learn the magic Id have to bring in a bird. Novrus hadn’t planned on setting camp here that long. He is going for salt from the Islanders if need be.

Day 2 of the 2nd week to Midsummer

Quiet though tiring great paddling in the birch-bark punt. Several nights using the punt as a shelter propped up on stakes. Enough to keep the rain off at least. Finally an Islander settlement is seen!

There isn’t any spare salt here though they point to north east and the land of the Driik. Paddling then landing at a mountain the vantage points reveal a Driik community nearby. The “Pineclimb” are reached before night fall. No salt today though they have dogs, cows and a bull for sale.

There is a dual village though, which they use the same name for. Here they do have a bag of salt! More than enough goods are on hand to trade without even using any of the bronze pieces.

<Novrus got salt>


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There is a truly excellent smith here, Soini. Even among the Reemi of his home region Novrus had heard of him.

Novrus eyes widen in admiration. A magnificent battleaxe with ripples in the steel that appear as waves with one ripple appearing to be more like a horse’s head with an eye and nostril, “Sea Stallion”. The balance is superb making it swift and deadly. A carving axe of matching quality keeps a superb edge. Its an investment for the finer wood work that would come from using it. Jealousy bubbles in Novrus that his skills are far from producing at this level. Yet that subsides as he is still quite young. This is inspiration.

Novrus decides to trade for them. As Smith of the north he can give his own “Bear Biter” battleaxe to a companion or local hero. He takes off his lamellar shin guards as a good part of the payment. Those he knows he can replace. More trading of extra knives, tools and bits of bronze finish the trade for “Sea Stallion” and the cunning carving axe.

<Novrus got Sea Stallion>

Proud of the axes its time to consider the animals. The cow and bulls are full of meat and can haul. The female dog though would be a companion for Hyker. Its the dog he choses. Pondering the name Novrus settles on “Pinecone” to honor the memory of the towns of “Pineclimb” so far from his stead.

The debate now is to retrace his steps going east along the south coast or make this a grand sailing, to go west then north and then east circling country’s whole coastline. Much food was traded away though there might be enough for him and Pineclimb. Well a bit of hunting or fishing might extend their supply. Novrus takes a deep breath. He pats Sea Stallion the battleaxe and Pineclimb the she-dog. It would honor them and call on their spirits to make the great trip. Another deep breath courage then the great round journey begins.

Day 5 of the 2nd week before midsummer

On the journey clumps of mountains make an island draining into mires then to the sea. This is perhaps an ideal place for a smith. Its called “Ahti’s cliff”. Novrus has his stead far to the east near the end of the rivers. Scouting the largish island finds a small lake within it as well!

Novrus decides to make a lean to here for future trips or travelers. Best to put it at the lake. Scouting with Pinecone she tugs the leash sniffing the air. A glutton (wolverine) waddles into view!

<Novrus iron wolverine>

Before he can get a good aim the wolverine has slipped away. Perhaps it was a spirit greeting him. It didn’t attack so was it friendly? An offering is made once a lean to is set near the inner lake.

Day 1 of the last week before midsummer

Sailing on finds the Seal-tribe village of Lakerear. A wood storehouse and a large kota. A few people living in their way.

Day 2 of the 13th week before winter season

The east ward paddling is complete. A few more seal tribe villages were visited or seen. Now comes a portage southward to reconnect to the home stead.

At noon he arrives in the northern hunting cave of Shitty point. His door to the hidden side cave is still closed. Things inside as he left them. This includes the reserves of food.

Continuing the next day a Nerj is seen.

<Novrus nerj se from hunt>

No contact is made and the trail not found. Seems this one knew to hide. South is the friendly village of “Wolf’s tip”. Warning them they mention old man Birki wishes to talk.

Birki starts to explain of the water folk. To meet them stand naked on a lone rock at night. One completely surrounded by water. They may gather at midnight. Do nothing but look at them. Good clothing means they are happy while a dour look means they are upset. Sacrifices to them may help their mood.

Traveling to south a night on the mire followed by a visit to the village of Gruelfen. With much debate the battle axe “Bear Biter” is traded for a big reindeer doe. This also being an investment. She is big enough to help haul in more ore and of course fight off a predator that might have a go at the sheep. She is named “Ivy”. Thinking back on the cows and bull of the Driik out here in these forests and mires the reindeer will tough it out much better.

Bear Biter is now theirs. The battle axe he made and christened in many battles. To be the Smith of the North getting them such things is the point and Novrus has “Sea Stallion”.

The punt is tied on Ivy greatly reducing the burden on Novru’s back for the portage of another day to come. Easier going now on the mires homeward with a night at a shelter left for such a purpose from the earlier travels.

Day 5 of the 13th to winter

Rambling on with punt upon the doe Ivy and nippy Pinecone is a happiness from companionship. An unwanted companion in the woods! A Nerjpez warrior is there a few yards ahead!

<Novrus 5 to 13 win>

A few quiet steps yes. Ivy and Pinecone seem to know the matter. They move quiet as well. Arrow to bow. The warrior takes a few steps crossing a trail. The arrow flies, resounding with flesh and bone of his chest! The warrior groans falling to the ground grasping in pain.

Moving up to finish! The warrior rises readying a spear. There is but a few yards between them.

Novrus notches an arrow let loose with quivering fingers in adrenaline. The arrow goes wide. The warrior curses with eyes startled, pained and confused by the sight of a Reemi warrior with both dog and doe.

The calm of destiny comes over Novrus. The next arrow goes into the warrior’s hip. Notching an arrow the man advances catching Pinecone with the spear. Dog and red cap stab, bite and dodge with each other. Each movement a tug on the belt secured leash as well.

The tugging leashes and tight of the woods make archery difficult to arrange. Its time for Sea Stallion! A twirl downward skips off the shoulder. Novrus flares nostrils feeling the strength of ancestors and spirits fill him.

Dread over comes the red cap. He starts to flee. Sea Stallion catches him on the legs once and twice. He drops to the ground. There Soini’s forge skill as a legendary smith glimmers light off the edge of Sea Stallion splitting head from torso.

Novrus feels his body come back to normal. There is a funeral rite to do. Spruce twigs are chosen for a fire, too small to really pyre the corpse but that is not always practical. An offering to the spirits as well. To gentle the woods and lead the Red Cap on to his ancestors.

The wounds on Pinecone aren’t fatal though a good cleaning is in order. What can be done here is done. At the homestead she’ll have time with Hyker, the sheep and Ivy.
The trip home continues safe enough. Hyker takes well to Pinecone. As the punt is packed off from Ivy’s back Hyker is licking at Pinecone’s wounds.

As to Novrus the life in these ages is full of chores. The grand journey has taken up the rest of Fallow Month. It is now Hay Month. The turnips are ready for harvest.

Day 7 of the 13th week before winter

Sheep shearing day! First time for Novrus. Messy, clumsy, filthy but the jobs done.

For the other animals Pine cone is healing well, Hyker is frisky and Ivy is enjoying turnips fresh from the fields.

Now for the carding. Well that takes a comb. During the great journey he had traded for a bronze comb. He was hoping to gift it to a wife but guess its more a dowry tool. That made him laugh.

<Novrus whittling test>


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The next day he decided to make a wooden comb more suited to carding. That and if he kept doing the rough wool handling with the bronze comb sooner or later it could get damaged. Best to give it a superb cleaning too!

Day 2 of the 12th week to winter

Spent time preparing arrows and blunts for archery practice. This evening taking Hyker out with me to look for a rock for the water spirit ceremony or the forest spirit ant hill. Ah, but this must be done alone? Will the dog interfere? Best take Hyker home.

In the night the last of the silver ring is scrapped onto an ant hill near the homestead. Novrus tried this several times before. Sometimes feeling a presence but often passing into slumber. Perhaps his successes, the rituals, the unsetting traps when not needed, the great journey along the coasts and working with the villages may mean there is greater ties.

At last a strange elder with a great beard steps out of the branches. As if the tree turned to spit him out. A great coat of moss. Novrus tries to greet him. Silently he approaches.

“May your tracking be successful, your traps bountiful and your arrows accurate.”

Truly a favorable meeting with the great gray man of the forest!

<Novrus met grey man>


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Traveling east to the “Flower wild” village with Doungi we talk about the meeting. He teaches me a ritual and incantation of leaving bread at a spruce on a high place to persuade the forest to keep things revealed. Trades are made for a Nerj scimitar and spear for winter reindeer furs and a bit of food. Most importantly is getting the metal into their hands rather than idling in the homestead stockpile.

A nerj has been seen north of the village. Scouting doesn’t find him. He’s gone to ground or weaved his own spirits to wrap him up.

Back at the homestead the trap fencing pit traps are reset. Things seem prosperous. Patches of crops are growing in. The cellar has reserves of meat already. Six different animals roam the enclosure with its half-barn. The smithy is working but needs ore. The first sauna-smoker house is servicing well while the main house to be needs a huge amount of lumbering to supply.

The forest spirit is happy. Novrus sleeps peacefully amid his walls and traps just in case.

<Novrus 2019-08-30>