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Greetings fellow Worlders.

First a thank you to Saami and Erkka for the game. I've decided to inspire writing practice by journal writing another Unreal World play through.

The first couple of posts will be reserved for overall information then the journal will start. If you want to get to the story skip down a few posts.

To those joining or already reading I enjoy the occasional comment from the readers. It is okay to post them in this thread.

Computer related matters such as saves and mods.

You will see some <save filename> at time. Mostly I do this to avoid bugs, wierd crashes and to make sure there is a sync between the journal and the game play. If you disagree with this then when you think Norvus died you can stop reading. My goal after all is to do the writing practice. Though it is possible Norvus will have what I consider a fair death.

There are a few mods in play related to self sufficiency, iron working and my own added items. These I had set up from months/year back so don't recall of which is in. I may switch mods part way along. To start with Im using those already installed which has Boudica in the filenames. Plus Im pretty sure Endive's is there. My own Brygun's added items is of course there though I have not yet updated it for various options we now have in the newer game versions. Privateer's fish cuts has been added in.

Character creation

I wasn't initially planning on making a public journal so I didn't screenshot him right at the start. I did make a backup of his start so might at some point to dig that up. His starting gear is actually listed in the journal.

Norvus is a Reemi.
He was rerolled a few times to have decent stats. I prefer someone at least average in intelligence, endurance and agility. He did come out to a rather big fellow but that wasn't a reroll goal. It was good to see that he had 2 stars for learning most skills. It can be a rough go for the long quest I've planned without it.

For skill choices there was timber work, carpentry, hideworking and archery. Possibly the fifth was fishing or another weapon skill. That is likely whey he started with an axe and a bow.

Life quest:

Norvus is saddled with the life quest that I like to call "The Smith of the North". This was done with earlier characters before Game of Thrones was a thing.

The goal is to travel to where the big lake connects to the southern coast, travel north and somewhere in the wilds start a stead. You can trade, later gift, iron goods to the northern tribes. Also there is the Kaumo to the south. Nerjpez are to the south east so you will have dangers and opportunities with them.

For the starting situation Norvus was given the "abandoned camp". This was to signify a few gifts and preparations for his long duration quest.

For the quest the "Advanced Adventures" was chosen. The basics of game is familiar to me and I don't want him to suddenly have the extra gear it provides to learn those game mechanics.

Reserved post for anything else. Journal begins in the next post.


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