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So, after getting back stapped by stupid njerpes warriors or mass gang mauled by wolves in two games with great starts, I was having it rough. After a well deserved break to calm my nerves, repeating over and over in my head: "Take it easy this time cowboy", I tried again. I chose a chilled scenario, made a good character and went at it again!
Eagerly checking my startup items "Rough Handaxe" and "Rough Knife". My enthusiasm was now lowered. I really don't like rerolling my character, but admittably, I was on the verge. I got to check the body lying dead besides me (as per the scenario), exact same items.... WTF "#=%Ì"&=".... On top of it, i had a total of 1.8 lbs of food, so barely one days worth. A mate teased me into soldiering on, so I didn't reroll the character. I head out hunting without building a base hoping for a stupid squirrel or something.. nothing.. It's spring way up north in the mountains, so no water either. I finally find some, but at this point the food had run out.
As i'm crawling helplessly on the world map, cold, starving and extremely tired I see a bull elk. I imagine that this is some code left behind to give me the finger for funsies, kind of a "now that you're basically a corpse, I'll show myself so you can smell what i would have tasted like"...! Actually believing this, I figured that I'll at least face the troll code head on and die with dignity. I threw my newly crafted javelin at the fucker, and this happened....?
This game gives you an experience you don't get anywhere else :)


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Good throw! ;)


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And that son is how your great grandfather founded this homestead.

(pending children expansion)