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After I entered a village, the game stop responding, after waiting a while to give it a chance to generate whatever it is in that village, I had to kill the game.

Now when I load up my save, it just freezes on this screen:

I've tried loading up few times, occasionally succeeded in doing so. Was able to open my inventory one time, and was able to turn around in another. But it always ends up not responding. While I do have a save file stored from a few hours ago, I'd rather not revert. And rather not have deal with this over the course of the game.

This was not the first time I've entered a village either. But I'm pretty certain this particular village is one that I've yet to visit.

Edit: Doing some further testing with my old save, seems like this problem can be reproduced if you enter the same village. But not when entering the other undiscovered villages. So something in this village is broken.

I'm rather new to this game, so don't exactly know how to dissect the log files, so don't know what it is that's causing the issue.

Edit 2: I was able to play for 3-4 turns at the start, so I activated debug mode in hopes that it would help to solve the issue. This is the debug_all.txt from just before it stops responding again:

Edit 3: Decided to just revert to an old save and be cautious about that particular village and do more frequent saves. Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem.
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