Topic: Enable building double height fence (lynx, people couldn't climb over it)  (Read 2722 times)


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I have fence on borders of local terrain where i have my house. On every 8th tile i have trap instead fence. I often see lynx traps in and out of my local terrain. So please let us build double height fence. This would also disable njerpez and robbers to come to me.
It's winter now and i can't dig ground so let me ask: is maybe already impossible to climb over fence if there's a hole one tile away from fence?
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A double height fence won't do anything against a lynx, as it's small enough to run through it. Wolves presumably jump fences, though (and bears can smash them).
You should be able to block animals by building a line of traps inside of the fence, though, and any kind of trap seems to work.

A fence wouldn't block humans, as they should be able to climb higher fences as well. If they'd chose to, they ought to be able to deconstruct it (as they can do with traps).

Holes do not really have any effect unless they're part of traps.

If you want to settle out of reach of humans you should settle on an island way out in the archipelago where the sea doesn't freeze over.


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Sami, what do you think about such fence?


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High fence, like a wall? Like the wall that´s already in game, (but cheaper)?


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Erm....  ???

Lynxes climb high up trees using their claws.

Don't think anything wooden even 2 stories tall would completely block the risk of lynx.

Game wise some risk is good to have.  Other methods like traps can mitigate the affects of lynx.

Uncrossable walls at the Driik villages are represented by tall boulders of stone.