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Tom H

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I'd like to suggest that, when trading, your customer can see what is loaded on a pack animal, too, not just what the character is holding.

I suggest that a rope, which seems to be of use solely for making rafts/leashes, should be required to dress out a large kill, at least when a table is not available. You'd have to hang a kill to do the job in the wild.

 I know that ropes can be used where a cord can be, but, why would one waste a more costly rope? Beyond rafts and leashes, there seems to be no useful purpose for ropes.


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You should definitely not be required to use a rope when butchering a large kill, as that will more or less kill your ability to get started. You could, of course, require specific tools to get a good/better yield out of a kill, though.

Tom H

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Three javelins ( I said 3, it actually takes 5 or 6 javelins) will trade for a rope and javelins are essentially free. It seems a cheap-to-get item. Anyway, I was just spitballing, trying to think of something logical to do with the ropes I've accumulated. Maybe require, initially, ropes to set up pack animals?
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Ara D.

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First yes please to being able to trade out of a pack animal. Second I feel that a rope or a hanging stand would not make a difference on the amount of meat but might improve quality, and absolutely would make the ergonomics of butchering easier. So may be a time penalty for no rope or a bonus for rope?