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The only NPCs who give out secret quests (the ones that the whole village doesn't know about) are males: there's the trapping quest, the give me your knife quest, maybe a few others, but always a male.

This means that it's not really worth it to talk to the women in the village at all, because if there's a public quest then anybody can tell you about it, so asking a guy has you covered, and if there's a secret quest then you have to talk to potentially all of the men but you can skip the women.

Sometimes a women can be the quest giver (the take me to your home region quest), but that's a public quest that everybody knows about.

tl;dr: The next time more quests are added, it would be nice if there were some quests that only the female NPCs know about


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I agree it would be nice to have females as quest givers (some females are involved in the Forest Maiden quest, if I remember correctly, but only as secondary quest involvements). I wouldn't mind having kids as quest givers as well.


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And what's with the Driik women never baking any bread? These females getting out of control.
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I assume they are waiting for Bedlam to come and do the cooking for them  :P