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I posted this in Suggestions:
I believe this won't be accepted (someone will say that food was gained only by fishing and hunting in Finland 2000 years ago) so i wonder if such mod already exists or if you can create such mod.


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I assume you've missed that you can buy dogs, sheep, cows, pigs, and reindeer in villages? Humans have used animal husbandry for a very long time, and that applies to backwaters such as Finland at the time as well.

Animal husbandry is listed on the dev page as one of the (many) future goals, but I guess you've missed that page?
It can be found at
Thus, it's not a matter of not intended, but rather a matter of not yet implemented. Young animals of various wild species is a small step in the direction towards husbandry. UrW develops very slowly, both because of the limited size of the team, and because there's an emphasis of keeping the game playable and as bug free as possible over rapid development.

There's a mod featuring chicken, and several that include sheep shearing (although they might have the same roots). I don't believe the mod ability allows for animal husbandry, though.


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Modders can improve game faster than official urw developers. Why don't you hire some of them?


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Someone tried to make a tree mod once that I can remember.
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Modders can improve game faster than official urw developers. Why don't you hire some of them?
If I was Sami, my answer would be that the vision is to develop the game, not to manage those that are hired to do that (apart form the minor issue of paying people with money that doesn't exist).


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Animal husbandry is in the to-do list already so I'll leave that to Sami

You can just *Build* trees. You can make pine/spruce cones *grow* in autumn with flora file and grow them into sapling with \365d\ or whatever time period you want in diy then use it for biy material.


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On second thought, you are going to accuse me of making things hard to understand and not giving exact steps. Also I know you are that type of guy who like instant result. This is specally for you. tedomedo.
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Add this line to the end of biy file
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