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[Fixed] Drown in knee deep water if your fatigue is too high and ice breaks

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You can drown in knee deep water if your fatigue is too high and ice breaks


--- Quote from: LasseFin on October 20, 2018, 02:09:40 AM ---You can drown in knee deep water if your fatigue is too high and ice breaks

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I'm late to the party here, but currently fixing legacy swimming issues.

I would like to hear more details about the incident here. It should be possible to freeze to death in knee deep water - as it's possible to freeze death on dry land also... but I'm wondering if this is a case where swimming is toggled on manually and 100% fatigue prevents any movements. Or, I didn't try it yet, but does falling into the ice even in the shallow water switch it to swimming mode immediately. Which would stuck the character with 100% fatigue.

Saiko Kila:
I use this thread to report something similar which happened recently not to the Player Character, but to one of NPCs of the village.

An adventurer died in the village in its water source, in deep winter. The water source was used by PC to tan a bear skin, which would take a couple of days, so the hole was de-iced a few times. After returning to the village to finish this skin or another (PC was in the village or in its vicinity for several days), the corpse of adventurer of the village and all his stuff was in the hole. The adventurer was all well just the previous day.

His death wasn't observed, but I imagine he went on the thin ice, it broke, and then he was unable to get out somehow. Which is strange, given than the water hole is knee-deep, and than you can go out of it by stepping into any direction (except trees or big rocks maybe). Additionally, it's funny that other villagers don't react to his death or slowly rotting corpse in any way, but that's a separate matter.

This happens from time to time without player interaction as spring or autumn thawing causes the ice to break under villagers while the player isn't present. The frequency is supposed to have been reduced, and it probably is lower, but it's happened after the fix went in. You visit a village and find a dead villager in the "well", and years later the clothing still remain there.

Saiko Kila, PALU, there's a separate thread for villagers dying in wells again. So it's known, and you can continue there:

I'm curious about the mechanics of the original bug report, how it did happen for player character.


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