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Tom H

« on: October 05, 2018, 01:08:50 AM »
Three times I've tried to build this into my cabins and each time it defies me. When I build it on a north wall, it lines up north/south, in the middle of a gap on each side. When I build it on an east wall, it lines up east/west, same gaps on each side. Is it me or a bug?

I crossed a river near my home site and ran across a Njerp. I fought and won. Then I moved to a nearby hilltop and saw in the distance two more Njerp. Is this just odd coincidence or might it indicate a Njerp camp in that area?

I hired a Companion and, anticipating possible dangers, I outfitted him with captured lamellar cuirass and shin guards, an iron helm and a Fine spear I had traded for. It really annoyed me when he declared he was 'satisfied' with what I'd given him and KEPT IT ALL when he left. The only thing he had that I could reclaim was the food I had given him Is it a rule that anything they equip is now theirs? Will they accept clothing/food in lieu of more hard-to-get armors? Feeling badly burned! heh

If I travel with a cow/bull/sheep, is it still possible to run from an encounter?

One of my dogs was CRIPPLED in a fight. For a long time, she would not respond, would not eat, and was in continual escape mode. Eventually, as I'd kept her on a leash the whole time, she healed and was back to normal. Can an animal be PERMANENTLY damaged, beyond healing, but not die?

Does anybody else get regular arrows when trying to make blunt arrows?


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- Just build the floor adjacent to the wall-with-shutter and it will line up correctly ;)

- no permanent damage for any injury (on animals or people alike)


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Yes, i had the same problem, i wanted to build shutter on north and it looked like shutter on left or right side. As Tom said, you must have ceiling/floor near tile for shutter in order to be displayed correctly.


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The wall with shutter is a display glitch, but it's annoying when you know about it, and confusing when you don't.

The Njerps were likely a coincident. Njerp camps are incredibly rare (not counting the starting scenario when you start in one).

I believe you can take back things carried by NPCs, but not things equipped. NPCs can be hired with food, but may require weapons as well (and, at times, a big stack of weapons...). I suspect other things can be used as well, but I haven't tried.

I believe you can run and anything leashed will move at your speed (I think that's true for an unconscious dog as well).

As mentioned, the PC, NPCs and animals gradually heal if they don't die from the injury (apparently children don't heal yet, according to a bug report). The PC can starve to death but animals don't (dogs can bark in hunger forever, apparently). Trapped animals deteriorate and die, however, so you can't use traps as live meat  larders.