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If we can't use shovel in marsh then don't let us to build fences there. I wasted a lot of time with building fences (for fence traps with trap pits with sharp stakes) in a swamp in winter when we can't use shovel because there's snow. I came back to that local world with my fences in may, tried to apply shovel and then i got message that this isn't possible in marshland. in order to prevent this, i suggest to disable building fences to prevent such mistakes. You could also disable building everything there. Nothing stands well in swamps. Venice is exception, it is like swamp, everything there smells like "sheet" (replace "ee" with "i") and everything will fall down once.
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While you can't build pit traps in a marsh, you can build bear traps, which is what I do if building fences in a marsh (and during winter), but I agree is comes as an unpleasant surprise when you realize the situation and you weren't aware of it beforehand.

While a fence will rot faster in a swamp than in a "normal" forest, it will still stand long enough to last most player characters time in the game, no not degrading in the game isn't unrealistic.


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I know that we can use other kinds of traps there but i would still remove building in swamp which doesn't have strong surface for holding buildings. Who in the game and real life lives and have house in swamp?


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There are whole cultures living in swamps in the real world (e.g. in southern Iraq)...

However, it's true sensible people wouldn't build a house to live in in a mosquito and/or gnat infested Finnish swamp. However, there are other reasons to build structures in swamps, such as for hunting or storage of items used in the vicinity.

Also remember that the game doesn't force you to do things you find unreasonable: if you don't think it makes sense, just don't do it. UrW isn't the kind of game where "it is OK" to exploit every quirk you can find, but rather one where you play as you please (it's a sandbox single player game, after all), and many players use house rules to limit what they do. Production of planks for sale would allow you to buy out everything in a village in a fairly short time, for instance, and most people don't find that enjoyable, so they just don't do that.


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I was super frustrated when I also first discovered this.

Now, I build fences in the 1-2 tiles inside forests that are adjacent to the marshlands.  That way, I walk along the cleared marshland and can easily scan my trap fences that are just inside the forest line.


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Yes, i know now, this is the only way to use fences and trap pits around a pine mire.