Topic: Hey Sami, everyone- UnReal World got noticed by Guru Larry!  (Read 12832 times)


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Figured I'd share this with everyone since it was so awesome to see it get mentioned by someone who's been in the business for decades, and recognizing your hard work: Though, he does say that URW has been in "development hell", that much at least I don't agree with. :P


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Ooh, that's quite cool! Thanks for sharing.
And it's been more like a heaven than hell :D
- Sami | UnReal World creator


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Time to call Guinness and challenge for their next publication.  ;)


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Time to call Guinness and challenge for their next publication.

Actually, I think the Guinness World Record team got it correct, and it is Larry who, after all, is a bit confused with facts  :)

Following Larry's logic, UnReal World development time was about 18 monts - Sami started developing some time at 1990, and the first playable version was released around may 1992. The first version was released as share-ware, and according to the standards of those times, it counts as 'a public release'.

Since 1992 UnReal World has been receiving a continuous stream of updates - which is different from the 'development hell' Larry describes with those other games. Also, thas is why UnReal World can't hold a Guinnes World Record for longest development time.

Instead, UnReal World has the official Guinnes World Record for longest update support.

So, no need to call Guinness to challenge their nominations.
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