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« on: August 12, 2018, 09:51:59 PM »
I consider myself a veteran of this game after 6 years of roaming the deep forest, but I can't for the life of me seem to get a spell giving quest after a long time trying.
I wonder if it might be better if you could get them from Shamans by getting to know them well, or by using spells and magic means a certain number of times.
I feel like the magic overhaul is in essence improvement, as it was too easy to please the spirits before by spamming sacrifices. It just feels like the balance has gone the other way now, as new spells and incantations seem impossible to get, and the spirits all hate me despite my daily sacrifices. It's getting frustrating.

Please have mercy on me oh Mighty spirits. I will sacrifice my trusty masterwork longbow in your honor if you can tell me how to get new spells.


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I agree.
I've started the game in 3.5, and after a year in game and 15+ quest I haven't got any new spells beyond the initial ones (except for the forest maiden one)

Seems like I'm stuck with those 4, and I have no idea about all those spells I read off this forum.


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Spells are rare treats so getting one out of 15 quests doesn't seem unreasonable. My character has spent quite a few years in the game, but there are still spells I haven't gotten (that I know of from previous characters). It took several years before the Water Spirit quest was received, for instance.

Pleasing the spirits gets a lot easier with the balancing made to not penalize small game hunters (previously each kill had the same weight, and as you need to kill several small birds or squirrels per day to fill your belly that diet would never allow you to get on decent terms with the spirits). I handled that issue by living off large game instead (smoking/drying meat).


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Yes, but if you can learn at most 1 spell per year, the only way to actually get to know new spells is to start a new character. And this limits a lot the use of spells in game.
You'll be limited to 3-5 spells per character, and the spell list will remain mostly empty in each playthrought.

From screens of previous version, I see it was not intended to be like this. You could actually learn new spells and have a good list of rituals for many situations.

My character is a hunter but doesn't know any hunt-propitiatory spells.
As it is now, I just have to hope that the rng will give appropriate spells next time I start a new character. Or grind quests hoping to get a new spell before dying or getting bored

Well, at least this is my experience so far

JEB Davis

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I like the new spell system better than the old one, including the rarity of spells discussed in this thread.

If every 16-year old character learned the number of spells as in the old system, then every 16-year old character would know more spells than the shamans do, at least that's how I see it.

A bit of "realism" has been added with the new system and it's cool.

Cheers to Sami.  8)