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« on: June 25, 2018, 02:50:10 AM »
ok, first up, beware, roads can burn. do not use them on a farm field. i learned this the hard way.

so, a few mods add roads that you can make.

did anyone every actually build a road to another village? my own homestead is about the same distance from the next village as they are spread from each other. about 10 tiles or some. did anyone ever actually do that distance? so far i've managed to do a whole tile in my spare time, took a quarter year to do, at this rate, a single road to a single village would take me about 4 ingame years.

i'm building it anyway, it's a visual que that tells me the way, is that the only usefull aspect they have or do they reduce travel time to? and if i build one, does it show on the world map like it does with the existing roads? does it also increase potential of visitors, considering i just had to fight off 4 robbers, this is a concern...


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after great effort, i've found the following..

when building roads, the zoomed out map does not show this. you'll only ever see them on the zoomed in map.

tracks still appear on roads, dispite them being stone.

you do not travel faster, nor do you gain/lose fatigue faster.

npc's do not reconize them, nor do they follow or are in any way affected by them.

sleeping on self-made roads is ok, you only get nightmares on game-generated roads.

roads can burn down, dispite being made entirely out of stone.

in summer you can do 2 tiles/day easy, in winter one tile/day is all you can really hope for.

they serve only 2 functions. the first is a visual que so you know where to go, the second is decoration.