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question 1:

I'm not sure but perhaps carpentry skill is bugged. My initial Carpentry was around 34. After an in-game year it is 35 now. My carpentry has **(2 asterixis?). I initiated an intense training during winter, made aprox 10 bows, 10 paddles, numerous arrows(1/2 to 2/3 of them were bad quality). All that carpentry work and zero skill increase.

Is this the intended game mechanic? :(

question 2:
I noticed after my sneaking skying skills reached 100 I still get green+ once in a while. Does that mean there is no real cap and those skills keep getting higher?

thank you


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1. Yes. Expect (many?) dozens of items per skill point increase. Carpentry is very frustrating because it can only be increased through pointless grinding, as you very quickly reach the point where you've produced all the items you actually have any use for. Because of that I've modified the Buiodda's Crafts mod to use a lot of carpentry and wood crafting as skills for tasks (using carpentry as a detailed handiwork skill and wood crafting as a heavy one).

2. There is a skill increase indication showing you've successfully increased the skill, but it's still capped at 100, so it doesn't achieve anything. The only place where I think this matters is in one of the game courses, where it allows you to succeed in the task to increase the archery even if it was 100 beforehand (which is extremely unlikely).


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A whole winter with just 10 bows 10 paddles + some arrows is definitely not intense. You usually should get 1-2 points for that amount in that level or if you are very lucky maybe 3(skill checks are less harsh at these level).