Topic: Player's sex and spells  (Read 1569 times)


« on: June 09, 2018, 06:01:20 PM »
Just curious, if the player is female will the fox trap spell and forest maid spell work?

I can test them myself but getting the quests isn't guaranteed and if anyone got a female character with the spells I would love to hear the results.


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I switch between male and female characters, and I haven't got the Forest Maid quest on any of the females (although it also took 4-5 years to get the Spirit of the Water one on my current, female, character). I've got the fox trap ritual on both male and female characters, although I still don't know if the PC herself can satisfy the "female character needed to pass over the traps" criterion. If that's the case, the traps lying at the entrance to the main building should be well saturated by now...