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Sometimes the cabin tends to get a bit cluttered, especially in long games.  It's perfectly possible to stash large piles on a single tile, but it looks messy to simply dump everything on the floor.

It would be nice to be able to build a furniture item called "Chest".  I would imagine it would function similar to a cellar, but without the added benefit of keeping food fresh.

It would particularly be nice for clothing items, since those seem to tend to pile up the most.


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The BAC mod has this built in.


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The BAC mod has this built in.

It does???

*Brygun keeper of the BAC wanders off to check the mod*

hmm... probably Carpentry...


Wooden Treasure Chest.

Well... sort of.

It will create a nice graphic of a chest. As to whether it will display on top or under the piles of stuff isn't something I can code. Possibly picking up and dropping it will change the display sequence.

There is also an outdoor table with a pretty big graphic to clean things up.

A hard coded storage location would, AFAIK, have to be coded by Saami or Erkka. That is the only way (AFAIK) to have the cellar like graphic affect of deactivating the display of all the pile of stuff. The chest, table or other item function as big things hopefully covering the pile.

The BAC furniture items could well display as if the chest was bursting with clothes. Which might fit your immersion too.

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Yes, I was a little surprised to learn this was already in the mod too. I built one in the game, and you can indeed make it display on top of the other items by dropping it on top (I roleplay this as "closing the lid".) It does appear that larger items like cloaks are poking out the sides, but my chest at home isn't that different...
I agree that it would need special coding, and probably belongs more in the suggestions area.