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This is a list I made as I was playing in the last few years. Some things I removed because they were added
before I posted the list. Good job Sami!

I love companions!
Companions gather tree trunks into piles where you give them the order to fell trees
-Command companions to make logs/firewood/planks/etc as long as they have tools
-Companions help with herb lore from their local knowledge
-Companions could also work longer before coming back for more orders, or an option to work all day.
-Permanent companions; marriage...
-Companions help on farm; harvest, plant, thresh, milk, arrange burn piles, etc
-Hire pro cook/Skinner/trackers to supplement your skills; bonus to skill while hired
-command to drop their raw meat/skins in the nearest cellar.
-command queue

Backpacks/pouches to increase carry cap, possibly by adding a weight reduction to items within it.
-Leather pack or pouch for animal companions to increase carry cap
-Weapon sheath/quiver to draw quickly in battle/hunting

Blacksmith house in villages with forge/anvil
-Commission blacksmith to make items for you
-possibly requires quest for masterwork

ability to remove items from container and keep the items and bag; instead of losing contents

Auto ice break/move forward in watercraft during winter

Rocks placed around a fire increase burn duration
- Could use rocks to upgrade a fire to a fire pit so it doesn't take multiple tiles, or pile them on fire.

Rain/snow effecting quality of timber until dry (mostly for fire making)
-Would add the need to make wood sheds
-aging wood to increase burn value
-charcoal/natural coal

Clay working to make pots/shingles/clay structures/clay furnace ...I've started working on this already. I can't get the .png tiles to work. Any advice on getting the icons to work? ...I used rains' mods as a reference but still no luck. I think I'm missing an icon number, but not sure how to check which number it is.

I know some of this is not lore friendly, and will most likely never make it into the game. However, If you would like to make a mod from any of these ideas please message me as I would love to help/play your mod. Most of these require changes which are not readily available to mod and so they are up to Sami... for now  ;)


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A couple of these have been done before with modding: