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« on: May 05, 2018, 09:22:16 AM »
The current mechanics allows for using #2# to require 2lbs of an item, which is good, except when your crafting something that needs a large single piece of something.  Say you're making a club out of bone and you want to require a single 2lb bone (i.e. Elk bone, etc)... if you use #2# it allows you to use any combination of bones that add up to 2lbs, so you could make a bone club out of 4 0.5lb hare bones. 

Could we maybe get a tag in the future that is something like [singlepiece] or similar to indicate that the #weight# tag has to be from one piece?


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A good point. Up until it gets implemented we'll just have to use house rules (I craft bone arrow points out of bear, reindeer, and elk bone only with Buiodda's crafts, for instance, as I think those are the ones that should be large enough).