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Next morning he feels better. He made it through just like his father would have said. Back in the canoe floating downstream after a while the air has a new smell to it and Rauko wonders what this would be. Climbing a peak near the bank, there is water ahead for as far as he can see. If this isn't the largest lake he has ever heard of, then it must be the sea!

He hurries back to the river and not long after he's out in the body of water. Deciding that if this IS the sea, he should follow the coast southward, that's the course he takes. Hopefully he will end up at a settlement on the shore or be able to see one from high ground.

His roasted cuts are now spoiled and he has failed in a hunt for an elk during one of several climbs on the shore to look for villages.

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He continues paddling along the shore heading southward, and becomes convinced this must be the sea because it seems to go on forever. Finally after several attempts to see a settlement, he spots one in the distance!

Rauko heads inland.

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The village sage loves to talk, and Rauko learns that this is a village of the Driikilaiset in the western part of their territory. There are many more villages to the east and south, some even are surrounded by walls! Rauko has never heard of that and is interested to see it.

This village has swine and are willing to trade for them, but Rauko has no need for a pig. The villagers say that nearby settlements have dogs he could trade for.

Mostly, Rauko is impressed and even a little bit in awe of the wealth evident in the villagers' clothing and the finely crafted goods and weapons they possess.

He finds an incredible mail shirt the Driik call a "habergeon" that looks like the armor of legends and falls in love with it. Even offering everything he can spare (besides his furs, which his father says are for trading with the foreigners), Rauko doesn't have enough goods to trade for it.

Disappointed, but hopeful for a similar find in another village, he barters his hunting knife for a fine-quality round shield. This could be a lifesaver the next time he encounters an archer.

The villagers invite him to sleep for the night in their common lodge.

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Early morning Rauko takes his leave and journeys further inland and climbs to high ground... ice is beginning to creep from shore. The herd of reindeer beckons to him.

Dropping everything except bow and knife, the hunt begins as Rauko moves stealthily across a mire until the deer are seen. A lucky shot hits the deer's lower leg and the rest is a simple chase.

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With all the gear and the canoe he's been hauling around, there is no way he can carry all the meat the deer will provide, so he makes a shelter and plans to tan the hide and carry the meat back to the village to trade most of it.

On second thought, he grabs some cords and hopes the villagers will let him smoke the meat in return for a portion of it.

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The villagers are happy to let him smoke the meat in exchange for 1 of every 5 pieces. Rauko sleeps in the common building and returns to his camp in the morning. He spends the day making & setting some loop snares, and making fibres from elk tendons he's been carrying since the early part of his journey to the sea. These will be useful for making arrows.

He also makes a nice club and finishes tanning the deer fur, but he is not happy with the result.

Rauko's dreams have not plagued him for a couple of nights and he wonders if being among the villagers has anything to do with this. He's exhausted and hopeful for a good sleep.

Waking refreshed from dreamless sleep, he thanks the spirits. What would his father do now? With only 7 roasted meat cuts, the answer is obvious... HUNT.

He gathers his bow and arrows, then stops in the middle of eating because a reindeer wanders near his snare trap, grazing.

Apparently the spirits have brought the hunt to Rauko!
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