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« on: February 11, 2018, 03:10:21 PM »

As an excuse to try "modern JS" I made an app for tracking all the "be done in N days" events:

Repo at GitHub:
I'm also hosting it:

Note that currently it's at version v0.1.1 - so yeah, very very bare and basic. I'm actually using it form my current play though and so far it works, but the real test will be when I hit next farming season (currently close to mid-winter point, so not much anything going on ;) ).

Feedback and contributions are welcome.
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I've been using this for a couple on in-game months, and I like it!
Something that would be a cool feature would be if the bit under the calendar, the when/what columns, had their own scrollbar? Like if they were in a little box or something, because  I feel really weird about deleting the done stuff, but would like to more easily see the upcoming stuff without scrolling for ages. 
It's really helpful as it is though!

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Wow, cool!  Might try this out on my next character.  Thanks!