Topic: Foxes in my yard  (Read 4510 times)


« on: January 25, 2018, 02:25:57 AM »
They can do any damage to my animals?


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Probably not, as I expect them to be too small (unless you've modded rabbits and chicken in...). They can and will take trapped birds from your traps, though. Also note that predators larger than foxes may enter your homestead...


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Thanks. Dont understand why the dog "bark in alarm".
Now I have like 5 birds and a fox interrupting around :p


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Unfortunately, dogs "bark in alarm" when there's any kind of predator around. That can be dangerous ones like bears and wolves that you really should pay attention to, but most of the time it's just annoying ones such as birds of prey, foxes, or one of the small ones (pole cat, pine marten,...) that are depicted like rats.

It's extremely annoying when an owl gets caught in a snare a minute into starting to bang on an elk hide, having the work interrupted every few minutes due to the blasted dog barking...


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Yes. You can disable some interrupts in the ini, but I use these for hunt using WAIT command in the path of a creature or using my herbivores as live bait for nearby carnivore


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The foxes are harmless, except that they can try to steal your uncooked meat and fish.
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Put one light lever trap with two fox traps on the sides - so you catch the bird, the fox comes to kill it and steal it and hopefully gets stuck in one the fox traps ;)

Good money out of fox fur!