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3.50 beta 2. Buiodda's Crafting Mod (modded), Njerpezit Cooking Mod (marginally modded), Jaredonian's Character Models + Distinct Tribes v3.

I'm plagued by messages about spreading too many items at my homestead, which is something I have never seen before with previous characters (e.g. 3.40 stable).
After the first occurrence I moved Njerp weapons and armor to the river tile beside the homestead, and also moved two of my cellars one tile to move about 110 stacks of food items (lots of roots, leaves, flowers, etc, and it doesn't help that leaves from the same plant acquired at different plant growth stages don't stack; + various stacks of dried and smoked meat).
However, it's happened again, and I certainly haven't brought in that many more stacks (I probably have less). The last time it happened (as of this writing) was while my character was crafting and I got the message that cooking food was ready: presumably the finished food item is added to the item list before the food item under preparation is removed (the same process that can cause full character inventories to suddenly drop things when food stacks are evaluated for degradation). During the crafting all items carried had been dropped on the floor (to reduce fatigue buildup during crafting), except those needed for the crafting step.
All bones except elk, reindeer and bear bones are stored in the neighboring river tile for the dog to spread around, which the big bones are neatly collected in 3 stacks in a cellar I haven't moved.
A number of bear skulls (10?) are hanging from trees within the homestead tile.

I've asked in the "gameplay questions" sub forum if there's some way/tool to check what all those stacks are, but haven't received any answers...

I've got a save shortly after this report (the morning after, with crafting being the last thing done except collecting the cooked food and eating before going to bed).
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Feel free to send the save, PALU. I'll check it and we'll know better then.
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