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i am so hyped to play as Runaway slave at spring, but i am unable to survive.
I can barely escape, but cannot find any source of food as i am without any tool and i am just wandering across nature.
Water is still frozen.

Do you have some simple hints how can i get a grip to survive till some first crops will grow?  :)



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The hardest part is escaping...

If you do manage to escape, make a stone knife, a stone axe, and set up some light lever traps (the smallest type) to catch some birds. You're probably going to go near or into starvation, but should have a decent chance of surviving until you can bag yourself an elk or reindeer. Also consider whether to tan the hides of those miserable birds, and that takes a lot of time for a very meager result, and that elk hides may be too large to be tanned, or even skinned, with a crappy stone knife while you're starving.
Light fires when you're getting too cold.

The other alternative is riskier, but gets you a better start if you can pull it off, and that is to exact revenge on the Njerps by hit & run attacks under the cover of darkness to whittle one of them down until you can kill him and take his gear (hint: rocks can cover longer distances than a sword can reach. However, with the recent change to snow movement penalties that may no longer be possible to pull off, but NPCs still wear light vests so you can see them while they can't see you.

Forget about crops, unless you intend to steal them. You need a fairly good food base to be able to spend the time required to prepare fields, and with your poor starting agriculture skill you're not going to get decent yields from the seeds you don't have in the first place...
I usually spend the first winter preparing for fields and building up stocks of food for a two month hectic field preparation period with little except burning, preparing fields, and planting performed. My characters start in spring, and I try to get appropriate seeds during autumn and winter.


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Perfect, thank you very much! I didn't use traps  :)