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I've been playing unreal world for about a month now and I'm about to face my first winter. I'm trying to craft skis before snowfall and  I have no idea where to get 4lbs of animal hide. Do you need to skin an animal like a pig, cow etc and then tan it or dehair it?


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You need a total of 4 lbs of fur or leather. Wild sows usually produce about 3.5 lbs of leather per kill, so you'll need two.

I'd go looking for forest reindeer: they're easy enough to hunt, they produce about 100-150 cuts of meat and their hides weigh 10 lbs. You can fully process a reindeer in a day's effort and then make your skis.


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If I remember correctly, you need fur, not leather, so pigs and cows are not of any use, although there might be some leather involved as well for the straps to fasten the skis to your feet (there's leather involved in the making of the ski stick anyway).

The reason fur is used is that old time skis had hide underneath the skis with the hairs pointing backwards to provide grip and avoid slipping backwards.

Note that UrW requires total quantities, not whole sheets, so for leather you can often use the tanned leather from a lot of birds to get the required amount.

Dehairing results in leather (and takes a fair bit of time, something like 1-2 weeks for an elk skin), so for the skis you want to tan fur-bearing skin.