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This is not strictly UrW-related, but a stand-alone production by Enormous Elk.

We made a short film called "Shaman Duel". It's a variation of a classic theme in Finnish folklore; two sages meet on a narrow path, they both refuse to give way to the other, so they end up having a magic duel to see who has to step aside.

You can watch it on Vimeo


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A nice film.

Fortunately the Njerpezit lost ;)

Given the shape the combatants were in afterwards, prestige was apparently much more important than the actual effort involved in stepping aside.


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I got the notification for this in my email from Elk News while I was out earlier and I was so excited to get home and see it; now I've had a chance to watch it, and I absolutely love it! Definitely looking forward to seeing more from you guys :)

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Love it!!!! Sooooo good :D


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Please, show that kantele some mercy! That's no way to treat an instrument.


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Please, show that kantele some mercy! 

No musical instruments were harmed in the making of this film.

We took special care arranging all the scenes so that they could be filmed without risking the kantele getting damaged. In the final cut it looks more dangerous, but that is just the illusion of the motion picture doing its trick  :)