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If I harvest around a village, like 3 tiles away, still count as theft?


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A field is owned and tended by somebody, so yes, taking from fields and pastures is thievery. However, if you wasn't discovered they won't know it was you (they ought to get suspicious if you're seen in the village shortly before a lot of their harvest goes missing, especially if it happens repeatedly, but I don't think they have the smarts for that).
Your conscience (should you have one) will know that you've stolen the crops even if the owners don't know it was you.


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I have been taking things from fields that are close to, but not inside of, villages for my entire UrW experience (almost 4 years) and was under the assumption that since I wasn't reprimanded by villagers, I wasn't stealing anyone's property. After having learned now that I've been a thief this whole time, I'm mortified :( I suppose I'll have to clear my conscience now by giving a bunch of dried meat to several villages where my apparent thievery took place


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The only reason the villagers haven't reprimanded you is that you've been a SNEAKY thief ;)
Also note that terrain types that can exist outside of village influence spheres aren't owned, so roads, ground, and groves are fair game, for instance (you can find  individual road tiles inside villages, and I wouldn't try to harvest from those, should there grow something on them).
I've been reprimanded for picking an unknown herb on a pasture, as I thought only fields were owned.

They also don't like you setting traps on their property...