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Modding / [3.60 beta] Removing the "Tying Equipment" menu definition
« on: September 17, 2019, 01:19:47 AM »
As far as I know there is no way for me to remove the vanilla menu_def  "Tying Equipment" menu entry.

I can (and am) relocating its entries elsewhere. However that still leaves the (now empty) menu slot showing up.

BAC can just say people integrating other mods can use it as one of their "free menu" choices but I'd rather not have an empty label showing.

I've made a thread elsewhere suggesting putting those 3 items back under utility (well 2 of them were already there) but if thats not done Im requesting being able to remove a base game menu_def (which opens future complications compared to just moving them back to utility)

Modding / [3.60 beta] Is "Rope" still a valid base object?
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:58:10 AM »
Query, testable, pending result if someone can try

Concern do we need to change all our "Rope" base objects to the 3.60 beta names
.Birch-bark rope.
.Leather rope.

example recipe of concern

.Free ropes from raft. "Rope" [Length:10] [noquality] [effort:3] [phys:stance,arms]   *COMMON*   /20/ |-2|
[NAME:freed rope]
//Destory raft to get ropes back
//Note only one item type per recipe so can't get the trunks
//Im under the impression you can find new trees later on
//3.60 beta code update for length

Modding / [3.60 beta] Controlling how much cord/rope we make in a recipe
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:48:56 AM »
In the revised tying equipment system for our own make a cord/string/rope how do we set the length produced?

does [patch:#] mean we make # feet of the tying equipment?

If it is some multiple of that, like patch:5 means 15 ft, please restore a 1-1 ratio by making the vanilla recipes patch:15  as when we are modding/debugging its easy for someone to forget the ratio exists

Vanilla 3.60 beta recipes below

.Cord.   [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*   [patch:5]  /30/ %50% |-2|
{Cloth} #0.5# [remove] [patchwise]

.Leather rope. [effort:1] [phys:arms,one-armed]   *COMMON*  [assist:1]      /60/   %50% |-1| [patch:5]
{Leather} #1# [remove] [patchwise]
{Water} #1# [remove] [patchwise]      

.Birch-bark rope. [effort:1] [phys:arms,one-armed]  [assist:1]   *CARPENTRY*      /2h/   %30%  |-1| [patch:3]
{Birch-bark strip}   =80=    [remove] [patchwise]
{Knife} <Small knife>                   
{Water} #1# [remove] [patchwise]

Suggestions / [3.60 Beta] Returning tying equipment to the Utility menu
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:35:22 AM »
Brygun of the BAC mod here.

Big mods like mine are hungry for menu space.

The new tying equipment menu has all of three (3) items in it.


I can understand wanting to communicate the presence of the options to new users. The cost of losing a whole menu category ~25 entry slots for only 3 items doesn't fit the menu-needs of large mods.

Short term I'm going to see about shifting them back to save on the menu with modding.

May I humbly submit to examine the cost-benefit of using a menu for 3 items. Could they not fit in the existing utility menu?

Modding / [3.60 beta] Mod language "assist"
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:29:12 AM »
Please outline the meaning of the assist command as seen below:

.Birch-bark basket. [effort:1]  [phys:hands,one-armed] [assist:1] *CARPENTRY*  /5h/         
{Birch-bark strip}   =60=   [remove]


Note: the wiki modding section will need updating for 3.60 beta

Suggestions / Muff for hands
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:13:34 AM »
Could we add to the base game a "Muff" for the hands. It would add only the warmth category representing putting your hands inside when cold. The other combat modes for armor not present representing having the hands outside of the muff when wielding weapons. The separation of armor categories being applied is not possibly in the current modding language.

Suggestions / [3.60 Beta] Fur over boots
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:11:35 AM »
In the 3.60 Beta a note is:

- fixed: being able to wear fur footwear with shoes or boots already worn

  ??? Not sure why this was considered a flaw needing to be fixed.

Raises the question about layering to stay warm in the feet during winter. Do not winter trackers put layers on their feet?

Could you add a fur over sized boot. One that is sized to slip on over top of the boot?

Short term I might mod it in.

not entirely sure if I've had to go do layers. Mostly it would impact early characters who lack cloth or linen to make the wraps (aka socks) to go inside boots.

I found it the same for hands. Frost bite for even semi-established characters when they have stacks of furs to make options out of.

Suggestions / Companions help push items
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:24:07 PM »
noticing the Companion help system for 3.60 beta if its not there already I humbly submit having companions could and should help with the time and energy to push heavy objects. This would mean they could help fell trees (doing on their own if need be), pushing the tree to the stead location and helping to build it.

AFAIK right now they dont help push heavy things so one of the choke points is going to be hauling the trunks/logs to the stead.

Modding / [3.60 beta] Use # feet of cord
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:19:59 PM »
With 3.60 beta what is the new command line for modders to use up # feet of cord in recipes?

Brygun of BAC here

I am starting to over haul BAC for the numerous changes.

From the screenshot in the Steam news the cord and rope the NPC carried was 15 ft. Is that 15 feet the standard build size?

Need to know as the mod has various alternate makes and uses.

Suggestions / Adding "String" vs cord and rope
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:47:23 PM »
Brygun of the BAC here

With 3.60 beta hitting now might be a good time to suggest (or reiterate?) adding "string" as a base object.

Cord sounds alot like cordage which can be twisted bark, spruce roots or other low cost production. Used for things were a moderate strength is okay and there is no need to be slender.

String sounds like bowstring being a more finely crafted item making it better used in some tools or weapons like bows or other things were quality matters.

Rope would still be the big and strong item giving you strength at a higher resource cost.

Bug reports / Modded Barrel wrong weight
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:55:22 AM »
Persisting to today and BAC v059 is the issue of the barrel recipe resulting object having a weight of 4 (four) and not 80 (eighty)

.Barrel-style tub. "Wooden tub" [effort:2] [phys:arms,hands] *CARPENTRY* /210/ \30\ %15% |1|
{Board} (8) [remove] [ground]
{*cord} (4) [remove] '+as banding'
{Caulking} #4# [remove] '+caulk seams'
{*pot} (1) [ground] '+to hold hot caulking'
{Fire}      '+to soften caulking'
{Firewood} (4) [remove] [ground] '+to sustain fire'
{Axe} <Carving axe> '+for main shaping'
{Knife} <Small knife> '+for fine whittling'
//Price adjustments closer to BAC original / 17 rather than
//Woodworking suggestions mostly on I recall digging around
//for pricing relative to the different container sizes

General Discussion / Leaving dog behind on long trips
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:02:13 PM »
Im considering doing a long trip and leaving a dog at the stead to RP it protecting the other live stock.

My question is about whether I need to leave a large stock of food for it to access or would it die off if I was away too long?

the sheep eat grass and the game well enough looks after them on the tiles available in the enclosure (though in real life a long trip would need stockpiling feeds)

I dont think the game mechanics worries about water for them either.


Suggestions / More skills for vanilla
« on: August 29, 2019, 07:50:39 PM »
Brygun of the BAC here

Cross posting similiar concept mentioned in the Summery Summary thread for the upcoming developments...

Can you add some more skills to the vanilla game?

Metal working or Iron working since this is an Iron Age Finland game is leading one.

Ive also seen weaving and tailoring as useful one.

Third might be pottery but others might suggest something else.

As for the recipes thats another kettle of fish but we modders can do many things with the recipes but we can't add skills.

Suggestions / Make {Cord} a valid recipe
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:08:07 AM »
Brygun of the BAC here

During recent tests for tech levels within the BAC mod I found that having


as a recipe item didn't work.

I was hoping to access our various mod built things that use "Cord" as a base object.

There is in the BAC things like "split spruce twigs" which IMHO are good enough for tying up meat and low quality loop snares. I had hoped to use {*cord} for things with cord in their name to be a better quality tech level.

For that to happen, at the lower tech level, I had needed {Cord} to accept items with the cord base object.

I don't think this is a bug as there isn't a problem with the vanilla game. So I've put this in the suggestion forums.

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