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After installing this mod I can't make a wooden shovel anymore. What gives?

Your probably running the wrong game version for the BAC. The last game version BAC is set for is 3.63.

IF you are updating to 3.70b there will be issues until BAC is updated.


Note that once an item is created its properties remained attached in the interm you can uninstall BAC, create the item in vanilla, then reinstall the BAC.

For the shovel that should just be the diy_glossary and whatever BAC file the shovel is in.

Off-topic / Re: I love this game
« on: July 04, 2021, 04:39:15 PM »
The game helped me through some sudden hard times too. The mantra "what do you need, what do you have" from survival skills helped me get focused on surviving/improving.

Suggestions / Re: Adventurer Gear
« on: June 29, 2021, 10:49:34 AM »

Yes, right after I posted this, the very next adventurer I met was completely naked! I imagine the village I recruited him from were more than happy to be rid of his presence...

He came to that village fully dressed but was a bad gambler.

Pending is the 3.70 changes

BAC has long been too big to avoid not over writing or moving vanilla recipes. So downloading to 3.70 will chunk up BAC until the BAC update is done. Which will be... some time... soon... with a squirrel... making tea.

My initial read of the upcoming changes implies that only a few files will be affected like cooking, building and something for textiles. So MOST of the BAC will still be accessible.

Objects already crafted in game already have their properties assigned so there shouldnt be any problem with them working.

Modding / Re: Decorations Mod!
« on: June 17, 2021, 12:56:16 AM »

Squirrel hide (trade good too)

Stuffed squirrel

Reindeer head w antlers

Elk head

Elk antlers

Feather fan (radial various decorative feathers)

yeah that would be an exploit Im not sure I could fix

Base object is log and name is log so its going to get a positive result for log recipes

The point of the radial boards is two fold:
= you can make a board using a stone axe as the time is spread out over various steps and is longer time in total
= use in the clinkered punt boat

There are a few things in BAC which are honor dependent on the user. Like the washed bandages or iron "fix" entries where a exploiting user could spam huge quantities of goods. BAC is here to add a huge range of life-like crafting, encourage learning a broader set of primitive skills and activities to the game. Its not going to be a tightly sealed system.

IIRC there is a phrasing somewhere that sleeping on a bunk makes you more likely to wake up vigorous

meaning higher chance of getting the best sleep

though you could just spend more time to sleep elsewhere

Suggestions / Re: Auto-deploy Punt
« on: June 10, 2021, 11:21:26 PM »
IIRC the embark/disembark in the wilderness was removed to avoid some of the item lost glitches including having too many items in a stack. That is things in the raft stack would poof. Not a problem if it was a bit of food but it could also be an axe or other expensive vital gear.

Suggestions / Re: An Easy(?) way to replace lost trees?
« on: June 10, 2021, 11:17:53 PM »
Rocks make everything possible.

Copy the tree graphic, or draw one, into a new file.

Have a recipe that makes a 1,000 lb object if you are holding a rock.
Created object access that tree traffic.

Rocks are great.

Correct, but dried berries would preserve beyond ingame maximum, so would likely be set as non-spoiling to begin with.

Yeah dried berries are pretty stable. Fresh berries in a cellar last good length of winter.

Normally Id be expecting someone to decide when berry harvesting to:
1) eat now
2) make dried berries for preserved food
3) cook into turn over

which is part of why I haven't updated the BAC recipe to use dried berries for cooking though instead pointed out a possible way for you local game to do that.

Part of BAC as a community mod is also to encourage people learning the easy modding this game has. At least that was part of my own start back when I was doing the one menu "Brygun's Added Items".

Or add recipe “reconstitute berries” to get them back to pre-dried weight. Then use them in the recipes accepting them.
Rather than adding duplicate recipes to take dried berries with extra water.

Interesting, I wonder if this would be a bit cheaty though, because any recipe cooking changes spoilage, right?

Game internal the items are deleted and a new item created. The new item has a fresh date of creation. The time for the new food item to spoil is on the date of the new item only.

So with the right recipe you can reset the spoiling date over and over as an exploit.

For example if you went from




and named your turnover as

turnover berry

Then the turnover berry could itself be used as an ingredient in the next turn over berry.

your welcome to do a local customization of the cooking recipe

Foods store nutrition data so when you stick them together its added up. There are weight changes and preservation settings. Off the top of my head drying the berries turns them into lower weight, longer safe time without changing the nutrition. You could do a turnover where you add in water with the dried berries to restore them.

Dried berries don't work for the Turnovers recipe (cooking glossary file), and I think not in any recipe, which kind of makes berries useless except for immediate cooking due to spoilage. Is there a way to make the dried berries work?


 Maybe edit the cooking with a wildcard like
 * berries

Dried berries are preserved in one way and not sure if you could/should make turnovers with them but I suppose one could

Not bugs / Re: milkweed harvesting problem
« on: May 18, 2021, 02:30:49 AM »
Brygun of BAC,

From what I recall the changes in BAC were as mentioned already. One of the self-sufficiency live-in-wilds mods incorporated argued that wild edibles were more spares than real life and also wanted a way to start fields without having to interact with villages. Thus the access of a few crop capable plants were changed. AFAIK that should have been in the only change.

In my BAC play throughs I haven't seen that bug.


Though it is agreeable to isolate the problem by testing if it occurs without the mod which the user reports is the case.


As a suggestion try a reinstall of the game or if on Steam revalidate the source files. IT might be a random download micro glitch.

General Discussion / Re: 1070 Hours
« on: May 14, 2021, 07:11:32 AM »
<follows Sami's link>

Holy Crap!

I've got 3,705 hours in the Steam UrW plus hours not showing from the presteam days

Dude... that's up there with my Kerbal Space Program gameplay

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