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Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves Fight 5+ pack yesterday in a carnifex coniferous forest.
Took home 5 wolfskins after.

my imperatives
1) stay on open ground.
You must observe 360 degrees around, pines can shield you spruces - not.

2)shoot em as fast as I can.
Find place with good observation and take not a step away. If you can't shoot right now - press "5" to regain stamina and turn around.

3) Kick their noses.
Inexplicably, UnReal wolfes fear raw muscular power much more than cold steel. If I swing broadsword on them they try to bite me. If I kick them when my arms are occupied wih bow/arrow they chiken-out and run along in fear with my arrow chasing their tail.

So shoot-shoot-look around-kick&shoot-kick&shoot-kick&shoot until there is only one creature standing. If this creature is you then you win.

February 14, 2019, 02:03:18 PM