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Suggestions / More information for fishing "misses"
« on: September 03, 2023, 01:20:25 AM »
Hey, just wanted to suggest, while fishing is being worked on, that more supporting text and information while fishing could give it a lot more flavour. Things like "you see a pike swimming by" during the fishing task, or "you see several fish but nothing bites" when fishing has completed unsuccessfully.

As it is now it's very difficult to know if your fishing has any chance of succeeding, as it simply waits for three hours and nothing happens - there's no indication of whether or not there are even any fish where you're trying to catch things, and it doesn't feel like three hours have passed as nothing notable has happened.

Especially when spear fishing, for misses i would expect a lot of "you try to spear a salmon but miss", but there's never any indication there was even any fish available to spear.

Any information about spotting fish while fishing would make the task a lot more lively.

I mentioned this in a comment on a dev news post but i'm putting full details here.

I installed URW via Steam, and when running it via Steam it works just fine. When running it outside Steam it won't start.

The error given was that it was lacking some SDL library (, but of course Steam is able to start it so this library must be somewhere. Indeed after some searching i found it in "/home/yobbo/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/amd64/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu". However even when providing the path to the library when starting URW (via the command "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=[...]/x86_64-linux-gnu ./urw3-bin" which also found and used the libSDL2_image library) URW crashed immediately with a segmentation fault.

Steam must be doing something fancy to get URW to run.

After some experimentation i found that if i install libSDL2_mixer and libSDL2_image myself, URW does run normally outside of Steam. So i guess there's some incompatibility somehow between my system libraries and whatever Steam is using when it runs URW.

So... maybe not a bug as the standalone version downloaded from the website also requires me to install these libraries. But i would expect that there should be some way to make the version downloaded from Steam work without downloading new things, as it runs just fine when i run it via Steam.

This all actually caused an annoyance when i was on a plane, and i couldn't install any new libraries at all. Steam for some reason refused to start because it knew there was a Steam client update somewhere but couldn't get online to download it. That was a bug in Steam that i think was subsequently fixed, and this is all a bit of an edge case, but... it was pretty annoying and i expected that the game would run because i had installed and tested it earlier.

Not sure what could be done for it other than bundling SDL libraries with URW, or else somehow including a run script that does whatever fancy magic Steam is doing when it starts URW. I haven't been able to find out anywhere what that magic is.

Development News / Re: Summer Sale, Summer opportunities
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:48:36 AM »
Hmm. All the Steam purchased versions should launch completely without Steam too. That's how we want it to be, there are no checks in game to Steam being active or not. 
You should be able to start Linux binary just like that from the game's folder.

I investigated a bit and there seems to be some funny way Steam is starting it, it definitely doesn't work when i try to run it outside of Steam. I'll make a new post about it in the bug reports forum.

Development News / Re: Summer Sale, Summer opportunities
« on: July 28, 2019, 08:25:58 AM »
Just a note on distribution: i actually bought the game on Steam in stead of donating because it was easier for me, but i still prefer to use the free version from the website. That's because the Steam version (on Linux at least) only works when you launch it via Steam. I actually had quite the annoyance when i tried to play URW on an airplane, and Steam refused to start (even in offline mode) because it couldn't connect to the internet. The version of the game downloaded via steam would not start on its own.

So as for donations drying up... perhaps like me other people simply purchase via steam in Stead of donating as they consider it equivalent?

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