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Leashed animals generate a lot of poop. It's not just that they don't sleep: Cut down a tree with an animal on a leash and it'll poop a few times. Walk 100 paces with a leashed reindeer and it will probably poop a couple times. Leashed animals generate so much poop that I built a pen to put the animals in so that the poop would be contained to one place.

The pen has a lot of room for the reindeer to move around in, 94 tiles (30 × 4 but there are some trees and fences inside where the reindeer can't move to).

If I leave the reindeer in the pen, it poops only once a day, 200g, even though I'm at home with the reindeer and not leaving the tile.

If I tie the reindeer to a tree in its pen, it pooped 0 times in over 24 hours (afternoon 1 day until late afternon the next day), even though I was nearby the whole time. I have seen other animals poop while tied to trees sometimes, though.

If I have the reindeer leashed and with me then between late afternoon in one day and early evening the next day: 7 poops, 1.6 kg total.

In the previous 3 trials, i spent the entire time setting and resetting a trap, except for when I was asleep. Next trial: walking back and forth across a tile with a leashed reindeer from early evening one day until evening the next day: 19 reindeer droppings (4.3 kg)

My guess is that when the reindeer is not on a leash, it's pooping at the rate of a wild animal, and wild animals generate less poop because it would make hunting too easy.

My guess is that domestic animals should poop more often when unleashed. The amount of poop they produce while leashed seems like a lot - especially when moving around and not doing time consuming tasks like building but I would not be surprised to learn that cows, bulls, and reindeer really do produce that much poop.

Bug reports / [3.72.2 linux] hill replaced with empty tile
« on: April 02, 2023, 03:05:07 PM »
A hill tile has been replaced with emptiness and too steep borders in a square all around it. It's just the single tile; I tried approaching it from all sides.

I had not visited this tile before, but I have some hardware issue with my computer (probably the PSU) that causes it to turn off now and then, so possibly I was in a nearby tile and some data was corrupted -- the hardware issue has happened a few times while i was searching for this ram and I didn't note down the locations I was in when it happened.

I have a save available in case this is an actual bug and unrelated to my hardware problem.

Earlier, while eating, not at the usual time (8am), I got the message that i was carrying too much, and it dropped the lake reeds that I was eating, even though I only had 32 items in my inventory. I couldn't pick them back up unless I dropped something, so I dropped my rocks and picked the lake reeds back up. I continued my life for a little while, with 31 items in my inenvotry, but then I got the message again, and now I only have 30 items and can't pick up my lake reeds again.

I am used to the inventory being much bigger than that, closer to 90 items. I can provide a save. It is my character Reko.

I was a few minutes into crafting a shortbow (with a mod) when I got this message. I can provide a save.

This is an older mod, dates to long before 3.70 when the need to periodically restring a bow was added, from before shortbows were in diy_glossary.txt. I don't know what the LoydettyTarvike function is but if it relates to what I was crafting then possibly there is no bug just an outdated mod.

I start with 57  bundles of flax fibre, and I start to spin it with a spindle.

Code: [Select]
(143270):99h0:[#]{0347055F}      | TEXTILECRAFT OPTIONS: Spin yarn
(575757):99h0:[_]{0347055F}      | You can spin 100 m of yarn on one go.

I select the maximum, which uses up 20 bundles of flax fibre and produces 14.7 metres, not the promised 100 metres.

I do this again and get another 14.7 metres of linen yarn.

With my last 17 bundles of flax fibre, it tells me I can produce 85 metres and I successfuly do this. So I get a lot more yarn out of the 17 bundles of flax than I get out of 20 bundles of flax.

My 14.7 metres of linen yarn weighs 0.6 kg and my 85m of yarn weighs 0.5 kg, so I think there is something wrong with the way the lengths are displayed.

Not bugs / [Not a bug - 3.70] metric rope shortening
« on: July 11, 2021, 11:58:48 AM »
In metric mode, I wanted to shorten my dog's leash. The rope must have been 5 feet initially because it's 1.7m now. In feet, it would have let me choose between 1, 2, 3, or 4 feet, but with 1.7 m it auto selects "1" and cuts it into a 1 meter section and a 0.7 m section.

Code: [Select]
(143270):49h6:[#]{0347055F}      | HANDCRAFT OPTIONS: Tying equipment
(143270):49h6:[#]{0347055F}      | TYING EQUIPMENT: Shorten ropes and cords
(147870):49h6:[?]{0347055F}      | How much of this 1.7 m rope you want to cut?
(147870):49h6:[?]{0347055F}      | (1) You need cutting weapon.
(AB5700):49h6:[+]{0347055F}      | The woodsman's axe in your inventory will be used.
(000000):49h6:[O]{0347055F}      | Ok, you have all the necessary equipment!
(008000):49h6:[=]{0347055F}      | You cut 1 m piece from the rope.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. It's a difference in functionality between metric and imperial modes, but it avoids a situation of having to choose between 0.3m, 0.7m, 1m, 1.3m  in metric mode, which is a bit inelegant I guess

I'm retting and drying some flax that I harvested, and whether I'm doing a batch of 15 or a batch of 600 it only takes about 3-10 minutes to these tasks. From the in game encyclopedia, this might be all right for retting if you just have to dump them in the water, or it might be wrong if you need to do a little more than that, I'm not sure. But with drying it says you're setting them up in loose bundles and I think that would take longer if you had a lot of them.

Also it says in the encyclopedia that it has to be done outdoors, but it lets me do it inside my cabin.

My textilecraft skill is novice level


This is the second blizzard we've had in fallow month. I know that's not completely unusual for Finnland but my clothes have been generally warm enough and now I just can't get warm.

This is partly my fault: I'm trying to meet the water spirit and I chose to do a short swimming even though the water was bitterly cold, because I knew I was close to shore and that I would warm up once I got onto the rock, since it is almost midsummer and I have fur leggings, fur shirt, fur mittens, fur cap, and fur footwear. It wasn't snowing when I swam out to this rock and in the last version it would not have been a problem. I was warm before I stepped into the water, so my clothes should have warmed me up again when I got out of the water. Instead, I spent hours freezing and now I am freezing to death. Save available.

The reason I think this is a bug is because wet clothing isn't listed as implemented yet in news.txt and also because I've noticed some weather extremes with my other characters: temperature being way too hot in winter and so I think this is related to that.

I loaded up a character that was created in 3.63, for whom it is Late Soil month. The snow is thigh deep. It is early morning. It should be cold, but the outside temperature is maxed out, all the way in the red, and my character is sweating a lot. If temperature is a signed integer then I suspect it underflowed and wrapped around to a high temperature. I can provide a save game if you want.

I used the arch 3.70b package on Manjaro Linux, I have 8GB of RAM and 3.3 GHz CPU. Resource usage looks okay, urw's only using 5% of my cpu, and the memory usage is also fine.

In the character creation menu, everything is fine and the game responds instantly to keypresses. However once the character loads, it takes 1000 miliseconds to respond to each movement keystroke, literally five seonds to walk five spaces forward, and turning around is slow too.

Things that I have tried that didn't make it faster - i exited the game completely between each of these changes, then undid them before trying a new one:
  • changing SPEND_DELAY_ADD to be 1 (instead of 10)
  • changing OLD_HARDWARE_MODE to be YES (instead of NO)
  • [changing SCALE_QUALITY to 0 (instead of 2)

things that helped a little bit now it takes 300ms to respond to a keystroke, which is still pretty slow:
  • changing idle animation to be NO (instead of YES)

I would've tested map lighting effects but I already had that turned off.

Things that are fast:
  • character creation
  • F6 map, including typing markers
  • character inventory
  • F4 scrolling through spells
  • naming an animal
  • walking and turning on the worldmap

Things that are slow:
  • walking, turning around while zoomed in
  • F3 examining tiles

UPDATE: I loaded a different character where it is summer and the movement is fine. The character that was experience slowness was in Swidden, waist deep snow, solid crust


My sheep is on the same tile as a driik woman. I want to unpack from my sheep, and it gives me the option to unpack from the driik woman, who is not my companion. Nothing happens when I select the driik woman option, so it's not really a bug, but it would be better if it only gave this option when it is valid: if she is my companion or if I am using a command like look or attack.

Bug reports / [3.62] Villagers attacking their own reindeer
« on: July 28, 2020, 11:40:30 AM »
I entered a village to find all of them standing in their reindeer pen in attack mode. The villagers had the angry red lines around them too but some of them have calmed down I guess with saving and reloading.

Don't know if it's a bug or just a strange happening.

Code: [Select]
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Entering settled area ...
(000000):pcha:[Y]{01540175}      | You shake the needles from your shoulders and come forward among the people. You are entering a seal-tribe village...
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(000000):pcha:[T]{01540175}      | The cow withdraws from your way.
(000000):pcha:[T]{01540175}      | The female dog withdraws from your way.
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see Seal-tribe woodsman there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see aggressive, grievously wounded small reindeer doe there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[S]{01540175}      | Seal-tribe child
(000000):pcha:[s]{01540175}      | small reindeer doe carcass
(3C5A98):pcha:[:]{01540175}      | You ski.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see Seal-tribe kid there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | You see wounded Seal-tribe peasant there.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[a]{01540175}      | arrow
(000000):pcha:[s]{01540175}      | shortbow
(000000):pcha:[1]{01540175}      | 11 arrows
(000000):pcha:[n]{01540175}      | northern bow
(000000):pcha:[S]{01540175}      | South-east corner of a kota
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Things that are there:
(000000):pcha:[w]{01540175}      | wounded Seal-tribe Woman
(000000):pcha:[h]{01540175}      | harmed reindeer doe carcass
(147870):pcha:[?]{01540175}      | You can shout to command pets out of sight.
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | SHOUT A COMMAND TO: Choose a target in sight
(600060):pcha:["]{01540175}      | -- villagers attacking their reindeer
(143270):pcha:[#]{01540175}      | Saving your character...

This happened to me back in 3.62 and then I saved the game and didn't get around to reporting it, but I still have the save.

Recently a goshawk attacked a raven, and left some bloodscapes on my property.

Here's the first one I saw
Code: [Select]
(143270):68hb:[#]{076706D9}      | You see a bloodscape here.

I followed the bloodscapes back to the a pile of feathers
Code: [Select]
(000000):68hc:[b]{076606D9}      | bloodscape
(000000):68hc:[2]{076606D9}      | 2 goshawk feathers
(000000):68hc:[4]{076606D9}      | 4 raven feathers
(663333):68hc:[&]{076606D9}      | You sneak ahead.

Then it rained for a while:
Code: [Select]
(A80000):78ha:[!]{076706DA}      | You wake up to the rain.

fast forward a day later and there are still bloodscapes all over:
Code: [Select]
(143270):78hc:[#]{076706D9}      | You see a bloodscape there.

I can provide a save

The Sauna task in advanced adventures still tells you to use a sauna scoop. It can be completed though as long as there is at least mild  steam.

When I look at the birch sapling, it just says " Sapling".

When I chop it down, I receive a birch sapling like normal and can make birch withes.

I checked with another character in Swidden month, same thing. In Fallow and Harvest months it has a different icon (with foilage) but it still reads " Sapling".

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