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There is a mention of it being used in fishing nets from very early finds onward as well as having agricultural uses, so I guess I was imagining trading it to western fishing villages and perhaps to the farming cultures such as the Sartola etc.

For me, one of the most immersive and enjoyable parts of gameplay (especially once my character has achieved a stable food source, built a cabin, etc) is falling into that daily rhythm of crafting, cooking, hunting, and all the little activities that occupy human life but are typically not portrayed in mainstream games. I like the idea of having additional historically accurate options for making a living that require labor but are also feasible and not just luck dependent like trapping furs, for example. I like the idea of having the cordage made have at least some trading value, as the article indicates it was considered an important trade good across northern Europe for centuries.

Of course some players might consider it as a "spammable" trade good but if there's a limited season to gather materials and a time check for soaking, I think it wouldn't be like just spamming out 100 wooden cups and running off to the village with them. I like to imagine my character spending a winter twisting linden cord and then going to the village with a bundle of it to trade for dried fish for the spring or seeds for planting.

I was trying to understand what would have been the most historically accurate plants Iron Age Finns would have used to make cordage (for a modding project) and stumbled across this fascinating (to me) article:

In case anyone else was slightly confused like me, "lime" is apparently an alternative name for the Linden tree, which is found all over Europe including at least the southern half of Finland. I had no idea that such cordage was such a prevalent trade good across the region or that it was used and in demand well into the 20th century!

I think it would be neat to add Linden trees to the game and allow players to gather the bark and prepare it by one of the methods described in the article (either by peeling in summer and then soaking in water for 4 weeks or by gathering in winter and smoking it). Alternatively, perhaps a process to gather bark from a variety of trees beyond what's currently permitted and prepare into cordage by soaking, peeling, and twisting?

What a great update! The incredible immersiveness of this game just gets better and better!

...toddles off to milk her vast reindeer herds. A nomadic herdswoman I shall be!

Love the new changes, and thanks for the explanation regarding  the lack of chimneys, it actually  clarifies some of the game mechanics for me. I always wondered in the past why even in a large house on the coldest nights, my character still ended  up "sweating a lot" after lighting the hearth. It always seemed unrealistically efficient for the fireplace to produce that much heat from just a few logs, but I wonder if this was sort of simulating the smoky warming up period where no one would want to be inside!

One very small suggested tweak: when there are still glowing red embers, could it be possible for fires to automatically relight just by pushing more firewood onto it? Or maybe make the fire lighting task much faster and easier in those cases to simulate just putting fresh wood onto hot embers and blowing rather than the usual process (which I assume involves flint and steel or a bow drill).

Modding / Re: Question: Possible to Mod Village Stocking of Plants?
« on: April 13, 2020, 09:39:55 PM »
Adding an update, in case anyone else had a similar question!

After editing the plant files to include my new plants and generating a new character, I can confirm that villages will stock seeds and edible parts of plants if the file includes the tag [CULTIVATED] for that culture.

I just now tried putting a [CULTIVATED] tag into my modded mushroom files, but I've yet to test if villagers start stocking them.

Modding / Question: Item Used but Not Consumed
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:28:21 PM »
Does anyone know how to code it so an item is utilized like cords are now in drying? I'd like for the item to be "in use" and unable to be accessed while the process is being prepared, but is then returned to the player at the end of the process.


Suggestions / Re: Domestic Reindeer Milking
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:13:29 PM »
The real life need for offspring to produce lactation is apparent. However it's my understanding that animal reproduction is on the list of features to be added someday. Until we get that feature, the milking of any of our animals is a touch unrealistic, but can be RPed around as "the baby didn't survive the winter" or that it got sent to market in the autumn or something along those lines.

I guess adding animal reproduction is the higher priority, but when that day comes it would still be neat to be able to milk the reindeer and emulate a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

Modding / Re: Question: Possible to Mod Village Stocking of Plants?
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:41:30 PM »
Thanks for the advice, I'll give that a try!

Suggestions / Re: Village Women Trading Too!
« on: March 26, 2020, 08:22:27 PM »
I don't see it as politics so much as realism. If the female villagers have things in their inventories and the things meet the "williingness to trade" parameter, then why not let them trade? Same thing with old men in villages. And why not let sages offer herbs for trade?

Suggestions / Village Food Status and Charity (both ways)
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:09:15 AM »
I understand the most recent update adds the option for villagers to refuse excess food goods in trades if their village is well stocked.

This brought me to a new idea that villagers' food stocks could naturally fluctuate and lead to different relationships or even "mini quests" in the process.

If the village has plenty of food and the PC is starving and has a decent relationship with the village, how about some occasional offers of food to the PC when they chat with villagers? Or increased chance of chores quest being offered to give PC trading credit?

On the reverse side, if the village is doing poorly ("bad hunting" or "crops failed this summer") perhaps there could be an opportunity for the PC to earn status/gratitude/friends by gifting some of their food supplies? Some of my long termers have pretty astronomical amounts of food hoarded and it would be nice to have a social purpose for it.

I think it's possible to add this feature without it becoming political. I'd like to second for the notion of more complex "bonding relationships" between characters as suggested by Dr. Hossa above. If the relationship isn't directly spelled out, then there's no need to be overly concerned with being PC, as people can fill in the gaps as they like with RP (isn't that what we do anyway?).

I also like the idea of PC's relationships with NPCs going beyond just the "marriage" definition. Maybe an old man comes to live with me and I roleplay it's my aging father. Or a child is an adopted orphan. Or a fellow woman is my sister or my cousin or my weaving get the idea.

Perhaps a feature could be added where if a young man and young woman (either one being the PC) live together for at least one game year, there's some percent chance a baby appears. If some players feel strongly against this, it could even be a toggle on/off option.

To be honest, for me personally it's less important to have the game be a marriage simulator than it is just to have some kind of more complex social interaction so my world feels less empty and lonely. Just the addition of villagers remembering and greeting me made a huge difference, having a complex companion option would be icing on the cake. Even before adding a marriage feature, I would adore it if we occasionally ran into village events like harvest festivals, solstice ceremonies, the weddings of the villagers themselves, etc. Or if the replies to "How's it going" gave more answers than "Fine" - perhaps things like "It's great, we just had a baby born" or "What terrible weather, the crops might fail!" (which could prompt extra gratitude if the PC gifts food) or "Where did you get your fancy axe (shirt/shoes/etc)?" or "I'm fine but you're looking hungry, have some bread!" if the PC is a tribesman/woman with a good relationship with the village and is starving.

Suggestions / Village Women Trading Too!
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:27:14 AM »
Whenever I ask around, the village ladies never have anything to trade! How about we let them offer jewelry, clothing, food, cords, knives (maybe they can be the best chance at finding a small knife?), plants, seeds, etc?

If textile crafts ever go vanilla, it would be great to be able to buy spinning and weaving tools (spindles, looms, yarn) from them also!

Modding / Question: Possible to Mod Village Stocking of Plants?
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:21:51 AM »
The quick version: does anyone know if there a tag in plant and mushroom files that controls whether villagers will stock that plant in their trade goods?

Long version (pretty nerdy stuff): I am working on a mod for dyeing fabrics and yarns to add to my current weaving mods to allow my characters to make multicolored woven belts/trim, dyed clothing, etc. Collecting the dye materials and creating the dyes will be very labor intensive (and as historically accurate as I can make it!) and so I view this as a way for a character to make tradeable luxury goods and maybe live exclusively as a weaver.

I've done lots of research into historically accurate dye materials, and I've decided to add in some flora of my own, including Dyer's woad (northern Europe's only known source for blue until Indigo was imported). There is historical evidence of it growing wild in southern Finland and being cultivated throughout the rest of the country. In order to obtain the plant for dyeing or its seeds, I'd like for my characters to be able to trade for it in more prosperous villages, similar to how one would trade for hemp seeds, peas, etc. It would be even more rad if I could mod it so that foreign traders or village women would offer it from their inventories.

I'm also planning to use Tellervo's gift mushrooms to be a red dye source (making  Cortinarius sanguineus in my head...they're kind of reddish on screen and the "gift" seemed appropriate) and would love to know if mushroom files were editable to make villagers stock them.

Thanks everyone for reading and any input you can offer!

I want to be as rockin' as some of the great period dressed avatars!

Oops, looks like I missed downloading 3.62. Thanks for fixing and I believe this thread can be closed. :D

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