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Re: Blocking Weapons and Assorted Combat Discussion Combat is my favorite part of this game, it's a very unique system and a lot of fun to mess around with. I start most characters on There Be Robbers!, so I frequently do a 3-6 on 1 fight with minimal clothing and a less than ideal weapon set. The key is to make sure your blind spots are blocked by trees, and always try counter-strikes to the legs with your weapon's blunt damage (if your weapon skill is better than your dodge, which for the purpose of this, it is). This will make sure you're still dishing out damage to the people trying to surround you, while you continue targeting whoever is the worst injured until they're unconscious and out of the fight. It's always better to counter-strike over dodge if at all possible, just target arms or legs to interrupt their attacks and limit their attack rate. The  most powerful thing in the whole combat system is Looking at your opponent and seeing where he actually has, or does not have, armor. Bandits rarely if ever have anything more than the odd piece of leather clothing or a ratty overcoat, so they're actually not too tough if you target on them correctly. However, the occasional Njerp will have ~40 pounds of decent armor and be extremely difficult to attack.

My attack combo, for the combat style of close to even (and quite high) spears and axes, and as much armor as I can find:

Open with as many javelins thrown as possible, targeting the body for random wounds and occasional instakills; sometimes you'll get 'em all off, sometimes you'll be caught with one held. Wait for them to be one or two tiles away, DROP your javelin if you still have it, and wield whatever you have the highest skill with. They should have moved next to you without attacking while you wielded, but you may have to immediately counter-strike, and you may have to wait a turn. Whatever you do, don't just move into the adjacent tile and give them a free hit. Your javelins should have weakened a few points of the first target if there are multiple enemies, so give him a primary attack attribute (most damage from the weapon) to the legs. Should put him on the ground immediately, and once he's there, attack his arms every time he tries to wield a weapon, and go for head shots and a quick knockout when his hands are empty.

His undamaged buddies should have rolled up by now, so turn to adjust if you have to, and wail on the first guy with all your might. Counter-strike to their arms and legs as needed to disarm/knock them down, but otherwise target the second (overall) enemy's head or body and try to get him out of it as quickly as possible. Finish up the third with the same legs/arms/head you gave the first guy, the others should just be milling around nearby swapping weapons and tiring themselves out until they get a clear route to run towards you. Your armor should be pretty beat up by now, so if there are more than three, you should start to expect increasingly severe injuries, and potential death, from now on.

However, you followed my combo, and aren't too fatigued, and you have enough armor to equip a small army, so you battle on, courage unwavering. It is time to be as defensive as possible. Attack arms, counter body for occasional severe damage and arm/leg shots, start dodging when you feel a particular target might have the upper hand on you. Keep them fumbling for their weapons, and pick at their ability to fight effectively. First three enemies you killed as fast as possible, as few individual attacks as possible, and everyone after that you kill with a thousand cuts while trying to avoid the same fate.

Edge damage is best for limbs and poorly armored torsos, as it can do quite severe damage to these targets (the infamous Nearly Severed knee is quite possible on a first strike with just a hand axe and results in instant unconsciousness). Point is excellent for piercing torso armor, and can cause occasional decent bleeding, but is much less likely to render a limb inoperable than edge. Blunt is best of all against armor, so it's your damage of choice when counter attacking. It rarely causes the kind of severe injuries the others do, but a quick knockdown/disarm on one bandit out of two or three of them midattack saves you a turn of double or triple hits later while he stands back up, or changes weapons.

October 04, 2017, 04:06:45 AM
Re: Survived the summer Well, let's see how this measures up to the development of URW:

- punt, paddle and serv... companions; Check
- being woken up by strange sounds; Check
- feathers, eggs and bird meat; Check
- archery, and a favorite phobia of yore; Check
- err... rituals, I guess; Check
- a fistful of "I missed that deer again"; Check

Yep, still on track.  ;)

August 17, 2018, 08:02:01 PM