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Started as going through to add the + item into the code where descriptions where given. While most were okay there were instances like those in posts above where people new might not know what base items are. So I added the + to all 'something' lines in the DIY

While doing so I also spotted some typo style mistakes including issues in the clinkered punt for the medieval drill having { } instead of ' '

A user above just asked about antler strips and it seems that is a call to a removed item so I have changed it to a general weight of antler bone.

MAC Users:
If you fixed your graphics be sure to keep the fixed graphics as these are still the original truetiles.

The request for fixed tiles for MAC to be posted is still present as I dont have a MAC to test them with myself.

caethan tip worked really well (ImageMagick installed via homebrew). Only thing worth noticing is that alpha layer should be changed only on BAC files excluding rest of the game files, otherwise snow appears to be green and there're possibly more side effects. I attach changed files as requested.

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