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Suggestions / Re: Unrealistic AI
« on: August 11, 2017, 11:02:10 PM »
Yes, i agree, updating the AI simulation would be amazing and would really add alot to the game play fun. But.... doing an overhaul of the AI system like this would be a CONSIDERABLE amount of work. I think these updates will make it into the game eventually, but you have to understand that Sami is primarily the only developer and he does this with donations. If you really really really want this to happen i would suggest you throw Sami some squirrel hides....I am not suggesting that you can pay Sami to add in whatever updates to the game you like, or code for pay. What i am suggesting is that a happy and well fed game developer is more likely to... well... develop (updates, changes, and expansions).

In general, i agree completely. I want these things too, and i think they will happen, but patience is a virtue.

Suggestions / Animals eat garden
« on: August 11, 2017, 10:43:04 PM »
Hi guys!
So, i haven't posted anything on the forums for.... hmm... a few years. I guess my account got deleted from lack of use.... haha... i guess that will teach me to write more and read less... or something.
Anyway.... i don't know currently in the game how much animals are attracted to or eat player or NPC made gardens. But, i know from experience that animals in the real world are quite a pest when it comes to growing a garden. Maybe not everyone who grows a garden has as much trouble with animals as i do, but the basic principle is the same. I do believe that in the game you can use turnips to bait a pit trap for elk... it seems as if also elk would be QUITE attracted to eating a persons turnips out of the garden. This also would apply to vegetables and plants that are not ready for harvest. Animals are quite attracted to the young and tasty leaves. Rabbits, elk, squirrels and some birds in addition to other animals could be more of a pest in the game. In order to protect your harvests from such beasts, i think the first step would be to build a fence around the garden. For more drastic measures, positioning some dogs around the perimeter or some other means maybe necessary.

Anyway, just my thoughts and i love Unreal world!

Oh, btw... the new quests are awesome! I got one where i have to strip naked and stand on a rock in a lake to speak with the water spirits! COOL! I should have told the old sage who gave me the quest that, "Hey dude, i already strip naked and bark at the moon in the middle of a lake." .... but, now as an added bonus i can talk to water spirits!... haha

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