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Re: Greetings Enjoy it mate, I still play the game after many years, but there are people here on the forum that played it since the world begun.
February 09, 2020, 08:36:09 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
Hello, I'm fairly new to the game and I have a few questions.

Can pets freeze to death without getting wet? (Like on the coldest night of the year.)

If I hit an animal with a javelin and it runs away, will that javelin remain in the game forever or does it disappear when that animal is killed by another animal? Or can that animal just disappear?
The animal will continue to carry the weapon till it dies. Animals can eventually de-spawn.

I've had ravens steal my food before. I've encountered robbers who beat me within an inch of my life and took stuff from me. But other than that, I've never had someone take something I left behind (at least that I noticed.) So, aside from aesnimals stealing food and robbers demanding that you hand over some stuff or else will someone take something you left on the map somewhere? Like, if I drop a few furs at a shelter, will they ALWAYS be there when I get back or is there some possibility that they'll disappear?
The answer used to be yes, now as npc's are evolving, they may pick up random items in the world eg: treasure troves.
I believe the vast majority of your items / stacks /stashes are still safe.

Can you get randomly murdered in your sleep? Like theoretically, a fox could kill you if he found you asleep at a shelter, no?
Sheep are passive, but if you anger them it is possible. I've been gored to death by a cow.

If you choose the boost stats reward for the tutorial, what is the specific bonus? I assume you can't boost a stat if the bar is full already (like if it's at maximum)?
I don't know.

Is there a crafting penalty depending on the time of day? Is there a crafting penalty based on how vigourous you're feeling? Is there a crafting penalty if you're cool or cold or if you're hot and sweaty? Is there a crafting penalty based on your nutrition level (assuming you're not starving)? Or is the crafting outcome purely based on your skills, whatever penalty is displayed, and RNG? For example, if I'm tanning a skin and it says that I failed to maintain the quality of the skin, does it give me a better chance if I tan the skin as soon as I wake up, fill my stomach and drink?
Tasks are set when you initiate them, they do not 'sample' your penalty as the task runs to adjust to final product.
"crafting outcome purely based on your skills, whatever penalty is displayed, and RNG?" Is a valid view.

Is there any disadvantage to being Hot and Sweaty? Is there any disadvantage to being Cool? Or do all disadvantages happen when you're either Cold or colder than that?
Only cold need be monitored, at this time hot sweaty etc. have no negative impact.

February 09, 2020, 08:52:15 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Hi,

Club, a masterwork club will better your chances of maintaining the quality over the stages. Stone/rock are decent quality clubs.

Dark, no the game protects you from walking in water whether you see it or not.

blunt, this attack preserves the hide the most, blunt with a rock does 1hp dmg. Blunt with a weapon designed with blunt does more health dmg, finishing prey more quickly.

weapon: clubs are best to save the hides.

Running, Chasing down live prey in game is as expected difficult at best. Generally active hunting requires some preparation.

NPC's dog, I know that you could eventually leash animals in wiped out settlements, I do not know if this has been implemented with the recent dog changes.

Tree fall; Not that I know of. Even naked, generally bumps and scratches.

Feed performance; no difference from dog fed level. Bones are harder to eat and extract fulfillment from that say a 7 lb fish gulped down in one bite.

Nets, net wear should be consistent over seasons, in-game

Quest, Good luck :D

Safe storage, 99.x% safe

February 10, 2020, 12:56:17 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player I've not experienced it but have seen issues posted about map maint.
Exploring lots of zoomed in tiles is thought (by me) to create possible problems.

February 10, 2020, 03:36:10 AM
Re: Greetings lol... I learned a hard lesson when I sent my first dog in pursuit of a hare and he never came back! Never even seen a Masterwork Javelin.

You're gonna have fun, mate. Enjoy!

February 10, 2020, 04:07:27 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player I have recovered lost javelins from piles of elk bones I've found, several times. Sometimes the creatures are just too clever for me and I lose their track when they pass through a thoroughly trodden area, and when the blood trail peters out. Then they die of blood loss and I lose the javelins. And I've recovered javelins from fully recovered, previously hunted, animals.

The one-hex islands are most easily found within rapids, although I have found them in lakes, too.

While pets never suffer from exposure, I've had Companions drown while I stood all night on a one-hex island. I'd told him to Stay! He didn't listen.

I've taken serious damage from a pet sow which I'd accidentally struck while killing a trapped animal. Attacked from behind. I've been seriously injured twice by surprise attacks by a bear from behind. Once I went over a blind hill chasing a wounded elk and stumbled immediately into a bear. Serious injury. I've never been attacked in my sleep.

When a dog barks at me after they've been fed, I usually give them another bite to eat. They often eat it. Otoh, cattle and deer will moo and snort for no reason at all.

I used to send my dogs after game to run it down. Now, I use tracking and just keep after them until they're exhausted...or escape. The best way to do this is in large areas of open-type mires where they can't use the forests to hide or slow you down. I've never had a chase last a whole day.

February 10, 2020, 05:31:15 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player You can hit the [7] key to force map maintenance.

 This link looks similar to your description

Moving on overland map I'd say yes, terrain has no effect. On local map the amount of energy/effort to move 'East' can vary depending on terrain

February 10, 2020, 08:49:46 AM
Re: [3.61, Windows 10] Items are no longer showing as unpaid when I pick them up
I sent it to your email, I hope that's the right one.

I just used the default compressor that came with the operating system. Do you have another good recommendation for me? I'm looking at 7-Zip but I'm not tech savvy and I don't know whether 32-bit or 64-bit is the right choice.

Thanks for taking a look at it. I appreciate it. Love the game.

That's the e-mail and I got the save now. Good! It will take a day or two before I have checked it out, but I'll let you know then.

7-zip is a good choice, these days pretty much everybody has 64-bit system so grab that one first. If it doesn't work then you can try 32-bit.

Lets continue.

February 10, 2020, 03:51:00 PM
Re: [3.61, Windows 10] Items are no longer showing as unpaid when I pick them up jonottawa, I did e-mail you with link from where to download the character back. The additional info I post here is the same you find in the e-mail.

Maintenance shouldn't frequent anymore, but if it starts to happen again just .zip the character and send it to me again, and I'll adjust some more.

Then a reason for the maintenance hiccup...
This character isn't very old but has explored zoomed-in maps a lot. There's nothing bad with that but the map maintenance didn't find ways to decide which maps to remove as the world is less than year old. I've adjusted the logic based on this example, and it's wiser now.

When it comes to items not appearing [unpaid] in the village, that's a case I can't solve that easily. It seems to be related to only some items, and their ownership flags seem to differ from the villagers. So it's kind of like somebody has brought and dropped "free" items in the village. I visited few new villages and found things okay, so it's some kind of confusion - with some items - in these two latest villages.

I might investigate that in more detail later on, but now, feel free to continue your adventures with fixed character.

February 11, 2020, 04:21:20 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Actually, characters with high speed, endurance, and heavy body weight (body weight helps you carry more, which means minimal equipment weighs you down less) can run down big game like elk, reindeer, and stag.  You need to be fully zoomed out, and you need to take walking breaks when you no longer see the animal, but you can run down big game directly.  Works best in early spring, when there is some snow on the ground.  Enough to leave tracks, but preferably not enough to fatigue you while walking.

High tracking skill helps, as does persistance hunting in pine forests (not spruce forests or spruce mires), and persistance hunting along a river or body of water.

Some animals are generated with better stamina, or speed, but not all of them are.  Also, cubs tend to be slower, so if you want to play dirty, injuring the cub and then staying a small distance away, will cause the mother to come back and then run away constantly.  She wont (or at least shouldn't) tire herself out this way, but this can be a way to potentially take 2 animals down at once.  Cub meat and fur gains have been nerfed in recent versions, but if your character is starving, killing the cub is still a way to deal with your hunger for the next few months, if you preserve it correctly.

Running down animals directly isn't normally how your supposed to hunt though.

Also, I have lost characters while falling out of a tree that I told them to climb.  The most gruesome one was a fairly fresh male Kamoulious archer that I rolled up with high stats.  I had just finished skinning and butchering a stag and was weighed down to nearly my carry limit for that character.  I tried climbing a tree, having forgotten to drop the heavy load, and he fell out of the tree after climbing about like 35, maybe 45 feet up the tree.  Landed on his crotch and died instantly.

February 12, 2020, 07:06:04 AM