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Suggestions / Re: Footwraps needed
« on: January 05, 2020, 04:38:20 PM »


Im building a house faster than that,(ingame)...

I think a skilled granny can do it in a week, perhaps? i'm not referring to the house lol ;D

But obviously, humanity decided that the wool is worth all the time, work and trouble...

Suggestions / Re: Footwraps needed
« on: January 05, 2020, 02:55:01 PM »
"Crafting" woolen clothes in the real world is not a task simply done by an unskilled person.
Remeber your days in elementary school in handicraft-class...
Or just ask your grandmother...

Its quite elaborate and time consuming to process sheep's fur into proper woolen clothing.
You cannot just pick the hair of the fur and make clothes out of it.
You have to comb the wool, make threads out of them. If you dont have a spindle to do that, its really taking a long time to do that.

Even if you would ignore the fact that knitting had not even been invented in the iron age, it would still take a long time to craft just a pair socks out of some yarn, probably a day or two. Not to speak of bigger pieces of cloth.

My suggestions for implementing wool-craft ingame would consider:

- Resembling knitting, you could require a character to have quite high hideworking skill, to weave or at least craft woolen items out of wool.
- Another solution could be an extra skill, like "Nålebinding(the basic textile-thread technique that was abundant in the iron age)and weaving and stitching". I think that would be quite cool and add to the authenticity of the game. But i dont know if that feature has a high priority to most of you people.

-Also i would really reward players wearing sheep FURS in winter, sacrificing some combat protection for warmth.

-perhaps there could exist an option to stuff out your shoes/boots with hay, wool or fur, as a low grade and temporary solution...   

General Discussion / Re: Just wanna be loved...
« on: January 05, 2020, 03:04:22 AM »
The last you said, of course is true, but only as long as your "village session" lasts. When you leave the village with unpaid goods, and coming back later, they no longer want the payment, they are just annoyed.

General Discussion / Re: Micromanaging Rope lengths problem
« on: January 03, 2020, 02:01:25 PM »
I dont know, but i find it quite convenient to craft that ropes and cords.

I mean, it could make things a lot more complicated, because you add an extra option in the action menu, the game handling could suffer, there can be new bugs etc, etc...
Unless sami's got a real smart simple programming answer to that. (Perhaps add a little option, like "half the length of the rope"??)

To try helping out a little:
make that cords and ropes in batches with the "r" command. dropping all what you dont need makes it easier.
Also, to simplify cutting, you can cut for example the 4 ft withes into 2 ft pieces. then when you select cutting thos smaller ones, the game automatically cuts them in half, for example if you want to smoke or dry and not waste tying equip.
Furthermore, if you are using withes from saplings for a trap fence, you dont have to cut them anyway, because the have already the right length.
(thats what sami is saying actually)

One thing the game doesnt do, but should(i think), would be cutting 3 ft automatically as well(as there is also only one option to cut that length. Doesnt matter if you cut 1ft or 2ft from that, the result is the same- 1+2, or 2+1...)

General Discussion / Re: Just wanna be loved...
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:04:53 PM »
This is another example of the intransparent game mechanics.

Thats NOT to meant to be a criticism – in my opinion it is, i'm not kidding, actually displaying the realistic character of the game.

Even if the mechanic in that case was not intended to work out that way, could be some kind of bad luck...
Its hard to decide where a player should immediately get information and feedback from his action. In this game, consequences of player's actions can often be completely unnoticed, just because you are doing a lot of stuff. i mean, like IRL...

Of course, players have to get some kind of feedback, to make wise decisions.
I think there is still some finetuning to do, to see if some random actions produce irrational or even unrealistic("wrong") results ingame. I think that is work on a micro-scale, that can only be done by the devs. And it only pays out if the problem is big enough, because obviously  the bigger problems should have the highest priority.

I can try to deliver some explanation for your particular situation...

1. If there is no evidence for another thing, I really would join JEB Davis in his assumption that the dog had been from the village.

2. Did u skin the dog in front the people or near the village?

3. Could the njerp have looted a dead villager in the fight(e.g. picking up a better weapon), or did he carry arrows that had been shot on him?
To summarize, could there be any items proprietary to the villagers in your posession, perhaps you traded or discarded, or have eaten?

Gameplay questions / Re: meeting with water folk
« on: January 02, 2020, 02:48:38 PM »
Actually, you have to follow the instructions of the ritual word by word.
So just do, what it says.

You dont have to actually click on the F4 screen on performing the ritual.

This is only the case for some of them, like the general sacrifice. For example, the "bear skull ritual" is also performed by pushing the bear skull onto a Pine(not a young one!) which is not next to another Tree, (although i didnt exactly investigate how "lone" that Tree has to be, but it worked just recently for me on a Pine that was like 6 or 7 Tiles away.

It is somewhat astounding how the game reacts when you just use your common sense. Yet it is unclear sometimes, if an action will have consequences.
For example, when i slaughter a deer for food, do the other reindeers standing near react to that somehow?
I  have avoided that for the time being, just because of intuition. I slaughter them out of sight of each other, just as i would do in the real world...

what you report about your companion though, is a thing that should not happen in my opinion.

EDIT: On my new character, i still have to do the Waterfolk quest. But it is winter, so the first problem is to find a good Rock, and then (i think) you have to make sure all the water tiles around it gotta be NOT ice. Im not sure, but when i first met the water guardian, he was swimming.

Alrighty, there peoplez

i dont know

but i think i could have nailed it. got another crash.

really didnt provoke that. i was kinda training that backpedalling-thing(retrying again and again, mainly to test fur armor. Seems to be very tough... but they got me... clearing villages is not as easy as it used to be some time ago. at least not for me. seems that i still have to learn a lot about fighting. but i used to wipe out village after village before, that doesnt work anymore. Good thing, actually)

again, i punched that spacebar, just because of stupid habit again... just when i was in the dying message screen

little offtopic:
Spoiler: show
(His name was slave. he stupidly died trying to kill all members of the ukialukkkinaäinnenki village and didnt account for tobias, the old man with the knife. Slave was stupid to try. although he had a spear (64% profiency) full bear fur armor, and not more than 4% encumbrance after killing 7 or 8 villagers, he lost against the yoda-master who was very fatigued after running around a lot while his guys died while trying to kill me.
A determined badass, who seemed to have trained every single day of his life fighting spear-men with his knife. i guess a lot of the fighting outcomes depend on AI's weapon's skill. I mean, an old man can still be about, like 65 years or so, and be VERY fit. the problem really is that there's no way of estimating that in the game)

didnt really think about it. and this time windows just said it is looking for a reason to solve the problem...
I saved the copy of the savegame,short ingame -time before the crash. a couldnt save it after the crash, because i died.
I really think it is something about the spacebar, may it be windows, or the game.
I will stop hitting that key so rude in the future. i dont believe in homeopathy or other bullshit, but that is more than coincidence
I, I, I

yea, i will try to dig out all i can find. Although i feel there is not much besides a savegame copy(about 2 days – ingame)

i forgot to wrote down: I also think its kind of a win-dumbs-problem

perhaps i just pushed space key at the wrong time(i did, actually push space, by pure habit), and the program chrashed.
and it doesnt necessarily mean it was the program, but certainly some windooop issue

You know, its hard to find gems. And if i find one, dont want to annoy those who create and polish them.
In my opinion, a customer is something like a guest, and a guest is also expected to behave. expecially if he gets something for free. But modern society has this "customer is king"-rule, or better: religion   
My, say, more factual or secularistic point of view is: No money without work, but no work without money, too.  It has something to do with equality, and when i buy/pay for something, i must understand that there is a human person who probably earns his/her living behind that.

Not a machine, where i put money in, and get out whatever i want...

My living also depends on customers paying for my work. But i dont need all the customers, there's 7 billion on the planet.
Dont get me wrong; of course i appreciate your attitude, and there is nothing bad about doing favors, but it also has to be balanced somehow.

btw: Im not a fan of steam, i actually hate a lot of steam related stuff. But when it contributes to your work, i dont hesitate to pay the few bucks.

Okay, enough of my philosophic diarrhea  :o
I think there are many games out there which cost a ton of money, shining bright with graphics, but can deliver shit when it comes to deep gameplay. I also have my experience with pre-releases which promise to develop, but still are unplayable because of too many bugs. Like, making a brilliant open world survival game with complicated physics, weapon mechanics and surroundings, just to have players die by moving on some bugged stairs. And support does shit, still unable to get rid of such bugs despite so many years. Yet claiming the game is on a stable version.
So im happy to have found your, i dont want to say "pc-game" but "project".
It has still potential to change, to form, and it delivers more than it promises.

Should i send you the file via email? i cannot upload here...
But no rush its only two ****ing lmbs ;D wont die because of that

I will definitely thank you for that by annoying you with one or two posts about gameplay/balancing/future ideas. Already brainstormed a lot of stuff, but i have to cut short and organize that pile of mental poop first. i Apologize for that coming posts in advance.

they wont be so slimy 8)

I am stunned gawd himself came down to speak ;D


yeah, did not make savegame. I just didnt see it coming... had too much trust in the system ;)
though i should have known better. Its not that i dont know that kind of issues from other games.
My little loss here isnt worth any trouble, but i see the point.
i am starting to make backups consequently now!

But could there be a simple way of just removing those two useless lmbs of rope from my inventory?

I had a simple windows warning that the program stopped working.
I fear there is not much for a dev to "mine" out of that

I just wondered if anybody experienced similar crash-situations. I can live with crashes, when i know how they are getting provoked to happen

thanks for your answers guys

Okay, i did not write that very good to understand, will clarify:

Instead of:
I find myself swimming on the tile i was zooming out, first,(...)

i should have wrote:
I find myself swimming on the zoomed out map.  I am on the tile i had been zooming out before
(referring to the moment "Traps are empty, i zoom out and row to my house.")

So, effectively the game rolled me back one turn(i performed one/two actions after zooming out – rowing one tile on the overland map to my cabin, and then zooming in, which crashed the game)

again looked after my stuff in the overland map, nothing there.

Hope that report can help sami to fix some issues. as i said, i posted this mainly to understand why that happened and how to prevent that from happening.

EDIT/a little offtopic: in that context i would like to add a question: Do i have to do something other than copy and paste my savegame-backup file into the main game directory(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\UnRealWorld)?

I thought i would be easy to backup my saves that way. But i cant find the Test-character whom i made a backup from before i got him stupidly killed trying to wipe out a village.
Could it be that i corrupted the backup file by renaming it?(in order to be identified better)
i save my backups in another extra folder

edit again: stupid me, never mind. the file had too many letters. but i thought letting in that info for others who might run into that.

First of all, Hello to you all and merry christmas!

Im really unhappy about my first post in the forum being a Bug(or at least a "Problem")- Report...
I never even expected a bug, much less a crash in that particular and great game, as i found it running highly stable all the time...
So, naturally i didnt copy my savegame-file. But thats not the point, what is lost can be re-traded for...
and i think its better for my resources not to have two hungry dogs, as winter is coming slowly, anyway...

To the Issue/Situation:

Coming back from a village exploring trip, I first rowed to my trap line, on a choke point on the island where my cabin stands. I was paddeling on a raft, while my two dogs were bound to me by leashes.

Traps are empty, i zoom out and row to my house.

Zoom in. Game Crash.(Zoom in-screen freezes before loading completely; screen has become opaque white like fog)
Never had that before

I didnt panic and restarted the game, expecting to stand on my raft and play on normally.
I find myself swimming on the tile i was zooming out, first, next to the trap site. But the raft, the items on it(just tree trunks/twigs and garbage) and both of my dogs were gone.

I think i got VERY lucky i didnt drown, being in very cold water("freezing to death") and almost dropped uncouncious. Managed to get in my hut, poke 20 twigs in the fireplace and wrap myself in all the furs i have. Hut gets warm, i dont die.

I still have all my good stuff, only lost two dogs and the raft whith some building materials. So the loss is not really an issue.
I searched all the tiles between the trap site and my home(which is not much), but the raft is nowhere to be found

I found it worth reporting since i think that is a thing that should not happen (and could have gone a very ugly way for me.)
Furthermore, i still have the two leather ropes which i cannot drop(red/cannot be selected).
Apparently, the two the dogs where leashed on. its only 2 lmbs, but still unnecessary...

Its not that it destroys the game for me, and i will definitely start to backup my saves, but im really courious about why it happened and even more so how to prevent it
i can send the file if you like

Thanks in advance

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