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Mod Releases / Re: Buoidda's crafts 2.2 [released 2020-12-12]
« on: December 13, 2020, 01:46:36 PM »
Though, tbh, you just did (release). Now it's forever in the abyss of the internet ;D But don't be humble, I think you should just go ahead and make a thread even if you don't plan updating it loyally. And I do think ppl here are more on the chill side than usual, so borrowing from others shouldn't be a problem to anyone. Just don't expressly claim all of it yours if it isn't.

Thank you for all the praise! The reason my release style is so 'formal' is (apart from the usual ocd) perhaps my background in computer science. Hard to break old habits... I'm partly doing it also to set some example on commenting and study material for future modders. All of my stuff at least is out there to use without attribution (to make ppl feel comfortable modifying it as they see fit). All that said, by no means I expect anyone to use up time as stupidly for all the needless chatter.  :P

yay thanks and yay i did...  :o Although its just a part of my mod and i thought i was contributing to your topic.
But reading again i realized that i missed your call regarding the trees. Sorry if that was completely out of place.

I actually planned to bring the mod out sometime, but i still work on explanations regarding the funktions and regarding the "stolen" "concepts".
Funnily i had some own ideas, which I found now reading other mod posts... But I won't claim to be the inventor. And since i didnt read the hole forum(but im working on it ;D), I am not sure any of my ideas are new.
I am also quite "chilled" about that and i even wouldnt mind if someone else would stole my recipes...
My point of view is, that this open "source-community thing" (or however you call it) really amplifies creative ideas. I definitely standing on the point that knowledge in general has always been in danger of getting lost, and speaking of me as a chef, i almost dont have any secrets besides company secrets. I always give away all of my recipes, especially to young people who want to learn.

I think there also is one thing many modders have defined as a goal for themselves: One day perhaps the idea or even the whole mod is integrated somehow into the main game. And there are only two persons who should make profit out of that.

Since i cannot contribute to the tree modding topic, i will shut up now and read myself into it. :-X 8)
And I already have some kind of a disclaimer for my "mod" in mind...

Mod Releases / Re: Buoidda's crafts 2.2 [released 2020-12-12]
« on: December 12, 2020, 05:48:33 PM »
Didnt find any like button, so: 'thumbs up' from me then. great work.

I also made a bowying mod, but again not as detailed as yours. dont know if you were "wondering" about something like this, but i will post it here
It makes it possible(while hard and very time consuming) to craft Hunting, Long and Northern bow. results are(or should be) almost all the times inferior to found or traded ones.

A "green body", (rawling) is produced as a first workstep out of a board. that makes even shortbow crafting more tedious.
The green body is required for all bows but the primitive bow.

The mod also inhibits bowstring, which is made of 3 cords and needed for long, hunting and northern bows
Then there is glue, which you can cook from birch bark,fish skin or bones. Glue is needed for Hunting and Northern bows.
Birch bark also comes into play when making a hunting or a northern bow, resembling the composite aspect.
The northern bow in the end, requires an additional workstep(realized by a "Recurve Bow Body" interstage product) which has to be completed with a bowstring and animal fat.
That mod intentionally forgoes special tools.

also moved arrows from the weapons menu to the bowying menu
Spoiler: show


.Primitive bow. "Juniper bow" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms]   %25%   *COMMON*      /80/ |0|
{Slender tree trunk} [remove]
{Cord} =5= [remove]

.Green Body. "Board" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*   %25%   /250/ |2|
{Board} [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>
{Knife} <Hunting Knife>
[NAME:Green Body]

.Bowstring. "Cord" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*     /120/ |-2|
{Cord} (3) =15= [remove]

.tiller Green Body. "Shortbow" [effort:1] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*   %25%   /5/ |-2|
{Green Body} [remove]
{Cord}  =5= [remove]
////--------(YOU ARE HERE: SUBMENU_Bowying)-------////

.frugal Longbow. "Longbow" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*            %-50%   /320/ |2|
{Green Body} [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>
{Bowstring} =7= [remove]

.unpretentious Composite Bow. "Hunting Bow" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*       %-70%   /320/ \6h\ |2|
{Green Body} [remove]
{Birch-bark strip}  =60= [remove]
{Glue} #0.2# [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>
{Bowstring} =6= [remove]

.Recurve Bow Body. "Wooden stake" [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*      /320/ \12h\ |2|
{Green Body} [remove]
{Birch-bark strip}  =60= [remove]
{Glue} #0.3# [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>
{Board} 'for tillering'
{Rope} =6= 'for tillering'

.plain Recurve Bow. "Northern Bow" [effort:1] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY*            %-85%   /20/ |-2|
{plain Recurve Bow Body} [remove]
{Bowstring} =6= [remove]
{animal fat}
[NAME:plain Recurve Bow]

.Make Glue from fish skin. "rock" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*  /5/ \2h\ %50% |-2| #0.1#
{Raw fish} #1# [remove]
{Water} #2#
{Knife} <Fisher's Knife>

////--------(YOU ARE HERE: SUBMENU_Bowying)-------////

.Make Glue from bones. "rock" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*  /5/ \2h\ %50% |-2|
{Bone} #1# [remove]
{Water} #2#
{Knife} <Fisher's Knife>

.Make Glue from Birch Tar. "rock" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*  /5/ \7h\ %50% |-2|
{Birch-bark strip} =160= [remove]

.Arrow. [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed]     *CARPENTRY*        /30/    [patch:5]
{Branch}      [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Feather} (3) [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Cord} =1=    [remove] [patchwise]
{Rock}        [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]

.Blunt arrow. [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed]  *CARPENTRY*       /45/    [patch:5]
{Branch}      [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Feather} (3) [remove] [patchwise] [noquality]
{Cord} =1=    [remove] [patchwise]


I am also working on an all embracing mod "Phil's stone age" ;) , but its not as detailed as yours.
I fail to overview the code so i built it with rudimentary solutions which i can change later. I have to admit that i stole some code(bacs earthenware for example) and ideas from other mods and changed them to my pleasure... which prevents me from actually "release" it because i dont want to step on anybody's toes.
The idea of my whole mod is making it possible to aquire a little bit more of the item universe while keeping it simple. Bowying is just a part of it.

I want to ephasize that my coding is nothing compared to the work of many of you experienced modders, i just have a more minimalstic approach because i want to move on familiar ground inside the codefile...
just feel free to use, copy, "steal"ideas and ofc destroy ::) codelines

edit: reading again i realized that i missed your call regarding the trees. Sorry if this here is completely out of place

Modding / Re: How to add items to the Clothes menu?
« on: December 12, 2020, 04:23:36 PM »
Submenu clothes is just at the end of the vanilla make menu...

Didnt have any trouble modding that in:

Spoiler: show
.Birch-bark shoes.   [phys:hands,one-armed]   *CARPENTRY*  %10% /2h/ |-1|
{Birch-bark strip}    =10=    [remove]
{Knife}   <Small knife>

.Birch-bark cap.     [phys:hands,one-armed]   *CARPENTRY*  %20% /90/ |-1|
{Birch-bark strip}    =15=    [remove]
{Knife}   <Small knife>

.Birch-bark forearm guards. "Leather forearm guards"    [phys:hands,one-armed]   *CARPENTRY*  %20% /90/ |-1|
{Birch-bark strip}    =10=    [remove]
{Knife}   <Small knife>

.Birch-bark shin guards. "Leather shin guards"    [phys:hands,one-armed]   *CARPENTRY*  %20% /90/ |-1|
{Birch-bark strip}    =15=    [remove]
{Knife}   <Small knife>

Hope(respectively im not sure) i understood your issue though

Spoiler: show
This would be very welcome[/b] for anyone not farming but harvesting lake reed using watercraft too.
At the moment one can’t even move to a tile with anything in it with watercraft, on water and unto a shore alike.

E.g. if I choose to harvest lake reed, I don’t see any scenario where I’d want to leave it floating.
Growing lake reeds do not block your movements.
If someone is harvesting lake reed as agriculture practice; then take it to next level and also thresh and grind...

Yes, some of my characters use lake reed flour in stews and mushroom soups. And sometimes even in certain spells requiring bread. Less hassle than barley or rye with their time sensitive planting schedule.

thanks, you are pointing out exactly what i meant to bring in here.

@PALU: I agree that harvesting could be overpowered, but again, that could be managed. And i think there are also players who enjoy this rather quiet and peaceful playstyle. By the way, i think that this is some kind of a "Signature" aspect of the game, that you dont get elsewhere.
And since robbers, njerpez and wolves still can spawn right on top of you, there always is some kind of "rest" risk, unless you play with the -door-right-at-the-water- "exploit".

In the end, this is about game-handling here. I dont see a big problem in "unbalanced lifestyles" as long as there is no multiplayer mode, although on the long run, of course everything should be balanced.
And i too, would love to see some hurdles and obstacles regarding a farming lifestyle. Perhaps one could make farming results even more dependant on the agriculture skill. I think this could be a first approach without bearing the need of an overhaul.

Looking at my real life pathetic farming attempts, i actually was quite surprised. Especially plants that are adapted and endemic, like Leek, Onions, radish, potatoes and cabbage grew fantastically despite me being extraordinarily lazy. Not to speak of the pumpkins... One even threatened to conquer all of my garden.
I basically just planted them and they grew, only needed water on the most dry days. No fertilizer, no slug pellets, no glyphosate... I quite thoroughly prepared the soil indeed, but that was about it.
Weather should have more of an influence. E.g. rain and temperature drop in late summer destroyed my tomatoes within 3 days. Still had harvested more than 7 kilos before anyway.

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial and Help
« on: December 08, 2020, 05:09:45 PM »
i did not add any bone item...
But i think i did not test it correctly. I just saw "you need branch - preferably a bone" and i had only branches, and i just supposed it would work with a bone. So i think i have to put in some interstage product, like two different swimmers and two different hooks.

and now im really confused, you mix up the bone with the clay lump in one recipe... i dont get it, sorry...

yeah, didnt work with "better clay lump"
its now really messy, i guess i will have to take a step back and simplify things.

For every person who is wondering what we are talking about: I want to make a clay lump item with better quality, out of a normal clay lump. In the final clay pot recipe both should be allowed

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial and Help
« on: December 08, 2020, 02:55:46 PM »
ok now works, but it doesnt: it is the other way around, game doesnt allow the normal clay lumps...

And with the rod, i forgot it to report that it worked yesterday "You need branch - preferably a feather"
now it randomly stopped working... didnt change a thing in that code since yesterday

The thing in the <> -brackets needs to fulfill the first one too on that row, like {knife}<small knife>
so, you sure about that?...
Because at this position, the code works well:
{Branch} <Bone>  #0.1# [remove] '+for the fishing hook'
i can use bone or branch

what a mystery...
i think i will try out renaming that "fine clay lump" to "better clay lump", since the word "fine" perhaps is messing with the game's quality system.

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial and Help
« on: December 08, 2020, 01:39:38 PM »
Hey guys,
As i understood, this sticky thread was made for smaller questions and problems, so i wont open a new one.

Would be great if someone can help me out.

My Issue:
I lazily and shamelessly used brygun's earthenware mod as a blueprint.
As i am currently trying to make an all embracing mod, i wanted to make the pottery a little less complex, so i started to mess with it.
I ended up with quite satisfying results, just having clay lumps(which you need a shovel and a pit near the water for), a clay pot and and a bowl in the earthenware menu. I wanted it just to be functional and twerk it before adding more pottery recipes.

Then i decided that i want to have more influence on the outcome by adding "fine clay" so aquiring clay looks like that:
(the idea is, you can use both for your pottery, but fine clay would produce better quality. Realism is somehow added through being near a fire resembling ash.)

Spoiler: show
.Dig clay. "Hunting Horn" [effort:3] [phys:arms,hands,stance]    *WEATHERLORE*   /5/  [patch]
{[TERRAIN:sea lake river ford rapids]}           
{[TILE:Pit]}         'Pit for digging clay'       
[NAME:clay lump]

.Fine clay lump. "Hunting Horn"   [effort:2] [phys:hands,one-armed]    *WEATHERLORE*   %-5%  /5/   [patch] [noquality]
{Clay lump}     [remove]  [patchwise] [noquality]
{Water} #0.5# [remove] [patchwise]
{Fire}   'get some ash' 
[NAME:Fine clay lump]

The pottery recipes look like that:

Spoiler: show
.Clay bowl. "Wooden bowl"   [effort:0] [phys:hands,one-armed]    *WEATHERLORE*   %-5%  /15/ \3h\
{Clay lump} <Fine clay lump>  (3)   [remove]
{Water} #1.5# [remove] '+soften clay during shaping'
{Branch} (6) [remove] '+fuel to dry clay'

.small Clay pot. "Pot"   [effort:0] [phys:hands,one-armed]    *WEATHERLORE*   %-5%  /20/ \3h\
{Clay lump}  <Fine clay lump> (2)   [remove]
{Water} #1# [remove] '+soften clay during shaping'
{Branch} (4) [remove] '+fuel to dry clay'

But somehow the game only accepts the normal clay lump. I simply cannot see where the problem is, why it wouldnt let me use the fine clay.

I have the same problem with my selfmade fishing rod. the game wouldnt let me use Feathers for the swimmer:
{Branch} <Feather>   [remove] '+for the swimmer' 
(complete rod recipe here:)
Spoiler: show
.primitive fishing rod. "Fishing rod" [effort:2] [phys:arms,one-armed] *CARPENTRY*      /90/  %-70%     |-1|   
{Wooden stake} (2) [remove]
{Cord} =15= [remove]
{Rock}  (1) [remove] '+as a weight'
{Feather}   [remove] '+for the swimmer'
{Branch} <Bone>  #0.1# [remove] '+for the fishing hook'
{Axe} <Carving axe>      
{Knife} <Small knife>

again, the idea is to make it possible to craft the rod without having a feather, using a simple stick for the swimmer, but with an inferior result
Game only accepts branches for the recipe. i also tried <* Feather>(as i actually had capercallie Feathers to test), but still didnt work

what is wrong?? am i missing something obvious?...

Suggestions / Re: Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences
« on: December 05, 2020, 05:22:44 PM »
I know I asked to buff them up, but please don't make the head any harder.

Spoiler: Story of a particularly hard-headed elk • show

That sums up to 27 solid hits to the skull with the blunt end of a woodman's axe.  ;D

Holy...  elk crap.
There has to be something wrong with the blunt damage of your axe.
I use to hit elks on the head with a stone axe,(blunt) and most of the time it drops instantly...
Or perhaps every blunt attack with impact less than 5 is not bothering an elk's brain...

@topic: I think big game should occasionally get aggressive especially when cornered. Also just on normal encounter, in rare cases.
Evolution made non-predatory mammals also big because they can defend themselves...
And Lord, you dont want an face-to-face encounter with a Wildsow who is supervising her piglets...

Suggestions / Re: Field dress/quarter big game
« on: December 05, 2020, 04:56:15 PM »
I like the idea, although i would recommend not to make this too complex at first.

perhaps like this: When you bring down a deer, either field dress or butcher some of it instantly, if you are hungry. If you field dress first, you get 1 part for every, say 20/30 lmbs or so. Ofc it should take longer when you try to butcher the whole carcass in small cuts without dissecting it first, as it is not an efficient technique.

Also primary cuts could last longer, and hanging it on the side of your shelter with some withes may let it last a bit longer, compared to small cuts. if outside temperature should be around 1-2° Celsius, up to 1 week. half a day only if it gets hot in the summer(25 °C).

I would not fix it on actual butcher-terminologies nor distinguish between the quarters or parts, as these are very cultural-dependant and not really important. Honestly, its just important to cut the animal in smaller pieces, so a description like "primary cut of ***" should be sufficient.

I very much also like the idea of using the innards also, as for me it is a kind of a "moral" matter. For me, using or eating the intestines instead of dumping them is a sign/demonstration of respect towards the killed animal. If i think about it... spirits could – no should(!) punish you if you just hunt the elk, eat some steaks and leave the rest to rot...

Ok, sorry, i think i didnt read all of your tanning post, so leather topic is not new. But i think it would be a good first step to just give the hides and furs the right description to distinguish them from another while you are tanning.

So, this thread comes down basically to the harvesting topic.
I will explain myself a little bit more accurate if you dont mind...:

Your character is standing near a ripe plant. you press 'alt+a' for agriculture and 'h' for harvest, then 'space' to confirm.
So this is nothing new, so now my suggestion. I would really enjoy a feature like this:

Instead of the harvested plant laying on the ground[requiring you to further key-jockey, like 'alt'+'g', choose direction 'choose amount' 'Enter' 'space' to confirm(all this for 1 tile of plants)], it is put directly inside your inventory. Just like when you pick young leaves or berries or mushrooms, for example.

that would be the standard harvesting procedure. Also the old method would still be there as "Cut" in the agriculture menu, which would leave the crop laying on the ground just like it has been for now.

If that new feature would unbalance farming, then ofc there could be made changes like, for instance, the harvesting taking more time.
Also this would lead players to only "cut" plants, to have them threshed on the field(for example) or picked up later.

Standard "Harvest" would be chosen when you want to take the plants to your processing site.

Development News / Re: Lots of angling improvements on their way
« on: December 01, 2020, 11:01:14 PM »
yeah i catch myself asking too much already. and did the mistake to post suggestions at the wrong place, again. i am gonna split my ideas up in different seperate posts in the suggest-forums...  ;)

As a small step and as a cosmetic change, i could imagine each tile, where the character theoretically could catch fish, to be displayed differently, but rarely ofc, to not stress the game engine.
Let's say, for example, outlines of bigger fish or outlines of smaller fish(or even a swarm). doesnt neccessarily  have to be an actual "living" entity of the game but could give a hint on where to sit down for a catch or where to throw out the nets, at the same time making fishing more challenging, complicated and knowledge-based. just an idea.

Good suggestions overall. I have to comment, on behalf of and before Sami has the chance to, that he'd probably like to have these suggestions on separate threads in the future. That way its easier for all of us to keep the discussion focused and have topics that describe the content.

thanks and, Yeah, demn... sorry. Just read that "marathon" post from sami and got a picture of that. Sorry.
*Hitting myself 20 times with the vasta*

I looked at the leather post of yours, but i dont think its basically the same with my concerns. Of course i would like to have tanning overhauled as you suggested to make it more realistic. But i think perhaps(?) this time i speak on behalf of sami when i say that this can wait... Sure i can understand its more of an important thing for you if  you do things like that IRL.

But from a technical gameplay perspective i think it works fine, but should at least get the right description while tanning. that is my point.

Same with farming. Balance-wise i find it working good, perhaps must be nerfed, but thats not my concern. Mine is just a suggestion to get rid of the most hand-aching keyjockeyings. especially if you sit on a punt, you gotta press shift + g all the time... then chose amount and confirm.
i mean, honestly: i clear a little field of reeds, like 20 patches or so, and my hand hurts. and sometimes after a while i confuse and mix up the keys, because i jockey so fast. and i am not an extreme farmer-player...

i mean, in the end, everything you do in URW is much easier than it would be in real life. when i think about it; in a strange way, physical pain is some real-realistic consequence of living a farming lifestyle. hunters and nomads dont have knee problems... unless it's a bear ripping your leg off ;D

@tom: yeah, they eat stuff from the player. but i'd like to be able to observe animals and learn which food they choose in the wild. perhaps this is highlighting what i meant.
i cannot get a grasp of what you mean regarding the harvesting... but i describe my problem again in this message earlier

I edited the title, pls ignore the redundant discussion, basically this is about harvesting now(message #7)

leather would be discussed in buoidda's thread:

As we are all recognizing, changes are coming and we are all more than looking forward to them! And it is of course, not of my interest to slow these things down.

But there are still some little itches, i cannot stop scraping on. None of these are game-breaking, but I think it is important to keep an eye on them, as a more complex game system will make it difficult to change them.
Because i am talking about basic(yet little) features that I would love to see being improved... I try to sum that up here, but feel free to add ideas if they match the topic...:

- Harvesting and agriculture:
That one is about controls.
It would be nice to have some kind of "harvesting mode", where the character automatically picks up the harvested ripe plants just as a part of the harvesting procedure.
At the time, it is quite painful to harvest because you have to harvest, then pick up the plants manually and chose the amount you want to pick up.
And with painful, i mean pain in my real hands...

- Animals eating
I watched wild birds picking berries and predators killing prey, but other than that i have never seen an elk, reindeer, pig, cow, or sheep eating something besides my trap baits. It would be great if they actually graze and nibble on herbs, mushrooms, trees or saplings. And i see no reason why it shouldnt be possible to feed them, just like you do it with your dogs. Shouldnt be much of an issue to provide your reindeer flock with some twigs, saplings, leaves or whatever. Please correct me if i have been just too blind and they do eat by themselves already(?...)...

- leather
First, the tanning process... de hair first? or first tan and dehair afterwards? i mix it up repeatedly... For newbies, i think it is really confusing. The reason is, when you dehair first, you dont get to see that information in middle-steps of the tanning process.(its just a tanning skin) So if you are unsure if you dehaired the skin(For example, because you are tanning multiple stuff and also furs of the same species) you have to dehair it again(which takes many days (10+) for big hides, to be sure it becomes leather. Otherwise you dont know the outcome. oh, ofcourse you must waste tanning material like fat or bark again.
For new players, who read that here: clean, dehair, tan. Little workaround: chose different sites for leather tanning than for your fur tanning.

Second, give it an actual use? leather clothing seems to be somewhat extremely underpowered. i think it should at least be a good trade between protection and weight penalty especially on warm days. At the time, it even takes a lot more work to aquire it, yet being inferior in all aspects to fur(ignoring the little point dmg advantage).
Even a very strong character will not chose the big penalty of the additional weight that comes with the little protection.
Everyone who has worn leather IRL knows that it is very comfortable, even feeling like a second skin which does not hinder movement much. at least regarding trousers, shoes and shirts. The actual "armour" items should be clumsier and heavier, but also with better protection(speaking of the cuirass, armguards and shinguards)
Perhaps resemble that aspect by reducing the weight?

and, what happened to the boots??...

Gameplay questions / Re: Building a fireplace outside of a house
« on: November 30, 2020, 03:38:44 PM »
hm... strangely it does not warm up my character!?
i built mine next to my kota, and when i got out of the water after swimming training, i thought i could warm up but it didnt work. But perhaps the effect was just so small i didnt notice. Anyway, it is a great way to save on firewood and slow climate change!
Btw, i finally learned the difference between a heated fireplace and a lit fire when trying out cooking recipes and i wondered why i cant steam my turnips on the open fire. I should have known because im a chef in real life...  they would burn of course  :)

It was just another situation showing me again that realistic, plain logic is just a big part of this game and can answer many of our questions.

I think a stone fireplace is giving some warmth, but not as much as an open bonfire outside. Could be enough for sweating in the coldest environment, if you wear good fur clothing... Unless you were tanning naked... :o
In that case, it really would break the immersion.

But doing things naked(but swimming) to keep penalties low breaks immersion for me anyway ;) :P ;D

Development News / Re: Lots of angling improvements on their way
« on: November 30, 2020, 02:02:46 PM »

Of course fishing is "op", but it is in real life also... no wonder the biggest cities of the world have grown at the coastlines, while fish is feeding 30% of the world's population.

But most importantly, players must have a reason to build characters on fishing-lifestyle.
At the moment, fishing is efficient and rewarding, but not as interesting as a hunting lifestyle. And i would love to see this game walking further on the path of rewarding not only strength, speed and physical supremacy, but also patience and carefully planning.
If you kill an elk or even a bear, suddenly hunting becomes "op", increasingly so if you manage to dry the meat and dont have to worry about food for a long, long time. And honestly, after a while hunting becomes quite easy, even with crude equipment. If you know how to bait, how to choose the hunting grounds, how to move and get your prey fatigued.

Sorry, back to topic: One thing i'd love to see would be fish traps in shallow water(preferably in fords), as these evidently had been one of the main food aquiring methods of early mankind. They should be easy to make, but with low and not guaranteed catch sizes, especially if you chose a poor location...

another feature i could imagine would be attracting fish by throwing food into the water. Perhaps even influence the outcome by different foods.

And speaking of fishes: I havent seen a single living one yet...
Even if its just a cosmetic change, implementing some live marine animals which you can observe occasionaly would add a great depth to the game atmosphere. Imagine some wales or silver swarms of herring passing by in the distance... 

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