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Modding / Re: Any active modders?
« on: December 01, 2019, 03:27:32 PM »
Firstly and foremost thanks to "Jack-jackspack, Brygun, JCM, Sufficency, Njerpez, and whomever else contributed to these mods. i am just edditing them so they all work in cohesion.

I'm not really a modder per say, but i have taken a few mods and put them together, they work, tho I do need more gfx/truetile for the items as using the same gfx/truetile (as in [it-punt) seems to make the punt disappear as soon as you use it.. it's there when you drop it but move even one space it turns invisible, its still there just can't see it. I'm still working on some kinks like the F1 encyclopedia,for descriptionsof "basicaly everything in the mod" also i think i should remove Iron, as copper/bronze were used first, I do know how to make any type of item for/in the game. If I knew how to make a "sub-menu's" "[sub-menu]" or a menu in a menu, Id be able to add anything, but some might say that would be too much, I would have a menu like; "metallurgy"-"[Copper]"-"[{Smithing}]"-"[{(Forging)}]"-"smelting".... "metallurgy" would be the main in the *make* menu with "[Copper]",
"[Bronze}", "[Tin]", and lastly "[Iron]" as its sub-menu's, with each having the "[{Smithing}]" menu and the "[Smithing]" menu's having "[{Forging}]" menu.. the
"[Smithing]" menu's would also have "Sharpen", "Polish", (and then finished  weapons/crafts/tools), while '[{forging}]" would have things like "smelting" and parts for (weapons/crafts/tools) well some parts such as a spear shaft would be in the Lumber/woodcraft/carpentry/bone-working sub-menu's while the "Spearhead" would be in the metal/stone sub-menu's, and the only thing i'd need to do to add it in game is look up each "Item's Process" like i just looked up Bronze, its 'copper' and lithos 'stone'. so basically smelt copper with a "rock" for bronze if you don't want to add another "rock" type into the game and not all the above is necessary. just an example. (will put into "fake" diy_Metallurgy as proper a example under the link)... I will also add my "so-far" full 3.52 redone with my Character if you want to check it out "still has some issues i'm learning to work out, but I think I Know why there is a disappearing act on the Transportation.. as I mentioned above..

An accident, probably frequent, reveals another of nature's useful secrets. A nugget of pure copper, or perhaps a finished copper tool, falls into the hot camp fire. The copper melts. When it cools, it is found to have solidified in a new shape.

(link to where i found this)
Read more:

//first is the (menudef_Fake) that would be added

.Metallurgy. -1- *MAKE*
.Smelting. -1- *METALLURGY*MAKE*
.Copper. -2- *METALLURGY*MAKE*
.Bronze. -3- *METALLURGY*MAKE*

(hmm I haven't tried this layout before. I have tried a couple others,with no luck. So I will have to see if this might just make a sub-sub-menu)... anyway now on tho the diy

(file name) diy_metallurgy<--(if done as it's own file)
(contents)                                          |
[SUBMENU_START:Metallurgy]<------ _  /
       OR         (the capital letter does matter after the SUBMENU_START:  )
[SUBMENU_START:metallurgy]<---(if done in the diy_glossary file)  (for this one I will act as if it is a separate file) I could describe each part of this procedure, but that would take more time then I have at the moment. If I could also figure how to add skills i'd add *METALLURGY* where *COMMON* is , I could also put *CARPENTRY* or *AGRICULTURE* instead. but.... and also please this is `fake' I don't know how to make SUB-SUB-menu's (YET)


.Copper. -1- [Effort:1] [phys:hands] %-65%  *COMMON* /1h/ \45\ [Patch:10]
{charcoal} (20) [remove] [patchwise]
{*hammer} <iron hammer> %=40%
{*anvil} <iron Anvil> %25%
[WEIGHT:1] [TILEGFX:cpr-ingot]

.Bronze.  -2- [effort:1] [phys:hands] %-65% *COMMON* /2/ \1\ [patch:10]
{charcoal} (30) [remove] [patchwise]
{rock} [Remove] [patchwise]
{*hammer} <iron hammer> %+40%
{* anvil} <%25% [WEIGHT] [TILEGFX]:[br_ingot]

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