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Hovering over the F1 to launch encyclopedia button while pressing - on the number pad increases skill points, pressing + does not decrease skill points, also increases the black transparent overlay with each keypress until focus over the button is lost.


Modding / [Request] Object ID list or other ideas?
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:36:17 AM »
Hi! More of a question for sami as I think he will have more of a direct answer, just wondering if you had a list of object ID's, I've managed to find the array containing the players inventory items ID's in memory, however I haven't been able to link the ID's to any public list, was wondering if you could help me out if you had any ideas?

here are acouple of IDs and their item representation i have scrapped manually:

50000 / 0xC350 - Flat Rye Bread
50001 / 0xC351 - Fur footwear
50002 / 0xC352 - Nettle trousers
50138 / 0xC3DA - Rough spear

Any help/recommendations on this would be great, as my only current option is to manually identify and label each ID to an item. Thanks!

Edit: probably going to make a scraper tonight and get the remaining working IDs, might also test some other items after finding them as the IDs i was playing with didnt seem to encompass all possible items, and had duplicates, more items should shed light on the ID's.

Edit2: Slowly documenting item stuff, the addresses i was looking at previously encompass ID's generated by the game as time progresses, so simply put each character has a small predefined set of item ids you can play with, and as you encounter more items this list of item ids expands. There are larger lists that encompass all of the item types you can expect, but they do not include item ID's your inventory can use.

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